2 Top Online Training Partners for Employee Development

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2 Top Online Training Partners for Employee Development
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Eight out of ten respondents told Simplilearn that online learning programs have been equally or more effective than physical classroom sessions, with artificial intelligence and machine learning skilling programmes seeing the highest demand. The survey also cited that online training will rise in the foreseeable future, with 40 percent of respondents said their organisations anticipate making a permanent move to online training, compared to 18 percent who plan to revert back to physical classrooms. 

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Among reasons why online training will get traction is because it is more convenient and flexible for employees to access, regardless of their location. Does your organisation also adopt online training programs? If yes, here are two top training providers that are suitable for employee training and development. Note that all the listed providers are not of affiliate marketing. HR in Asia does not accept money for the link clicked. 

Rutgers employee training and development program  

Rutgers University is an American public research university based on New Jersey. The university does not only host courses for students but also course topics for on-site corporate staff training. From communications skills to diversity training to emotional intelligence, Rutgers provides a variety of professionals development courses. The team hosts not only for a virtual instructor-led training session, but also a one-hour seminar, a half-day course, and a customized certificate program. 

Center for Management & Organisation Effectiveness 

The International Center for Management and Organisation Effectiveness (CMOE) provides a comprehensive training program for employees, from communication courses, conflict management, to problem solving training. One of the factors that makes CMOE effective and valid for employee development training is their commitment to ongoing, applied research that is constantly evolving to meet today’s business needs and desires. 

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