Know When to Promote Your Employees to Become Managers

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It often happens that employers fail to see through high performers with great potentials to become the next inspiring managers. Managerial positions require employees who not just excel in their job roles, but also possess some basic leadership traits as required to manage their peers and represent the company.

Many employees are considered as great performers, who are able to accomplish great beyond their preset targets. These achievements and accomplishments often position them as leaders of some important projects, even promoting them to fill some important managerial positions in the company.

However, great performance is not only indicative trait of a potential manager. It is required by HR managers to observe them more objectively, to understand the deserving individuals for managerial positions.

Employees have different motivation in excelling in their job roles at work. Some of them merely want to finish their tasks for the day quickly, regardless of the quality of work they can provide. Other employees want to be noticed by employers, expecting them to give more benefits and payment hike towards their great jobs.

However, there are some employees who really want to thrive inside a company, highly self-driven to make positive improvements within the company. They are well-connected with the workings of the company, and really expect to advance the organisation, including people in the team.

Here are some signs of employees who are worth recognition and appraisal to assume managerial roles in the company:

Team Mentality. Highly-potential employees are not egocentric. They not just focus on their main duties and jobs but also allocate time to job of their peers and view them as integrated parts that contribute equally to the overall company’s success.

They understand the mentality of the team that drives employees to care, help others to resolve the issues and advance their careers. They always use the word “I” to “We” and “Mine” to “Ours” to depict the perspectives they firmly hold towards an issue or obstacle.

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Exceed the Expectation. An obvious sign of a great employee who deserves a managerial promotion is that he/she can exceed the expectations set. As they are highly passionate about their job roles and believe in company’s vision, they willingly expand their expertise and make some improvements, to provide the company with high quality work.

Look for solutions instead of problems. Average employees frequently complain about things that don’t go as expected. They complain every single day instead of seeking the right solutions to the problems.

On the contrary, potential star performers view an issue in positive light, find the core of the problem and seek for the best solutions effectively. Talking about problems will only creative negative environment  and spread the vibes among peers in the workplace.

Help other team members. Employees who are willing to help colleagues, take a shift when others have to leave early, or stay late to help others accomplish the projects are considered to be potential employees who will work optimally in managerial positions.

They don’t like to make excuse. It is common to make mistakes, but admitting them without making an excuse is amazing. Great employees confess about their wrongdoings at work, including errors and mistakes that might threaten their positions. They do self-reflect on their deeds, or even provide solutions for the troubles they make. Their attitude of sense of ownership and responsibility is critical, especially when employees are handling an important managerial position in the company.

A thorough selection and observation will help HR Managers to decide right on the best employees deserving promotion to become managers at work. Finding and holding onto a managerial position is tough, and once employers find the right man, the investments made in grooming the talent will be returned in the form of highly engaged workforce who can optimally thrive.

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