3 Successful Ways for Busy Professionals to Unwind after a Long Day at Work

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Learning to relax is required for a balanced life, and although it may not be a topic taught in business school or encouraged in the workplace, some of the most successful individuals understand the importance of setting aside time to restore; both physically and mentally.

Robert B. Pamplin Jr., America’s foremost diversified entrepreneur and a model for whole-body health and fitness, shares three ways to make the shift from stressful days to relaxation both manageable and highly beneficial.

“Our health and happiness are affected by all aspects of our lives including our personal daily routines, family connections, and our workplace environment and behaviors,” said Pamplin. “Even amidst my hectic schedule of meetings and responsibilities, it remains crucial that I focus on my personal health, spend time with those who matter and always leave time for life’s simple enjoyments.”

  1. Focus on personal health

Staying busy can lead us to forget our personal health and how to stay on top of our own well-being. Though physical activity might seem like the opposite of relaxation, pushing yourself to live a healthier and more active lifestyle can lead to personal improvement and a more balanced life. These are notable benefits for those who stay busy all day and need to remain sharp within their role. Tip: Take that nap, walk instead of drive, or go to a yoga class.

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  1. Spend time with those who matter

Relaxation doesn’t have to be done alone, especially when you are typically so busy that the ones you want to keep close aren’t getting as much time with you as desired. Involve those close to you into your unwinding time, and create new memories that include both relaxing and bonding.

Tip: Play a board game with your family, take an overnight trip with old friends, or call your parents to show some appreciation. Follow an example from Pamplin himself: he spends time each week with his grandsons, taking them to karate and helping to foster an understanding of the benefits of practice — confidence and dedication. He further incorporates the need to unwind with family time, and still manages to assimilate work lessons and share that insight with those closest to him.

  1. Have some fun

No need to feel bad about indulgences that may seem too simple or unordinary for a busy professional. Playtime isn’t just for those without responsibility. We all need to take the time to circle back to what makes us happy and enjoy the little things life can offer.

Tip: Take that long awaited hike, stop by a karaoke lounge, or continue on with that childhood stamp collection you used to obsess over. Sometimes, amid a busy schedule, we can forget the simple things that bring us enjoyment.

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