Ramco Launches Payroll Software for the Japanese Market

June 20, 20178:07 am1059 views

To enable multinationals manage multi-country payroll on a unified platform,  Ramco Systems, the global HR and Payroll software provider on Cloud and Mobile, announced the launch of Japan Payroll software on its global payroll engine.

The highly configurable payroll solution available in both, English and Japanese language comes with capability to handle Social and Labour Insurance contributions for all states, resident tax and reporting, bonus tax, among others.

Complete with chatbots, simplified User Experience (UX), and an intelligent In-memory based engine which identifies, suggests and resolves errors, Ramco Global Payroll has compliance across 40+ countries. It comes integrated with Core HR, Time and Attendance, Talent Management, Recruitment and Analytics.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “Growing number of multinationals are looking at consolidating their operations spread across multiple countries on a unified platform. Our success in addressing Fortune 500 and MNCs, and drive to strengthen our APAC Payroll coverage has led to the addition of Japan Payroll. We are confident that Japanese MNCs will benefit significantly from Ramco’s highly configurable and Innovative platform, which will help streamline their national expansion by automating company-wide payroll and administrative processes.”

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As one of the largest economies of the world, Japan ranks amongst the world’s most innovative country having a strong electronics and automobile manufacturing hub. With its multi-country Payroll platform, Ramco aims to address both Japanese and Multinational companies looking to automate Payroll operations, while enabling them to manage both domestic and expatriate staff on a single unified bilingual platform.

Some of Ramco’s global clients are already in the process of implementing Japan Payroll for their operations. “Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in payroll is driving organizations to automate repeatable rule-based transactional tasks such as Payroll processing. The global payroll market is witnessing tectonic shifts in technology adoption and we are excited to be at the forefront driving this change,” added Aggarwal.

With options to deploy on-premises, on cloud or as a managed service, Ramco Global Payroll software has a comprehensive coverage of APAC, Middle East and Australia covering countries such as Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India among others in APAC.

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