Work from Home Could be the New Normal for Malaysian Civil Service

July 13, 20205:09 pm1283 views

The government is seriously considering whether to continue the Work From Home (WFH) model as a new normal option for the civil service, Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Mohd Zuki Ali said. 

However, he said the matter would need a more detailed study to ensure this work option meets its objectives. 

“Two objectives were identified, namely to mitigate risks such as contamination and spread of diseases, and the other to manage employee performance by balancing work and family life and by improving job satisfaction level and productivity,” he said in a written interview on Sunday (Jul 12). 

Among the points that need to be studied further are digital technology support, information security, compatibility with specified service schemes and legal implications as well, he said.

Mohd Zuki said In line with the government’s initiative to consider implementing the WFH option as part of the new normal, other related benefits such as leave and holidays would also be assessed. 

Mohd Zuki said all these initiatives are part of efforts to ensure public servants continue to boost productivity in the context of current and changing external factors. 

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He said the Movement Control Order (MCO) has shown the civil service can still function effectively even when the WFH and flexi WFH models were implemented. 

“Starting with the directive for work from home on all civil servants, it later shifted to only specific cases.

“In both situations, impact on productivity was minimal, and the civil service continued to support the reopening of the economic and business sectors,” he said. 

During that period, both these sectors operated on a capacity of all almost 100 percent to ensure the national economy is regenerated, and this was achieved when civil servants continued to carry out their duties through both models. 


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