Top 5 Initiatives to Support Digital Learning and Wellbeing during Pandemic

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Top 5 Initiatives to Support Digital Learning and Wellbeing during Pandemic
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The pandemic has urged workers to revisit their career outlook. In times of uncertainty where none is immune to layoffs and unemployment, the key to thriving in the new normal is to possess updated skills and competency.

A new survey by Randstad reflects the growing needs for reskilling and upskilling initiatives among employees. According to the report, nearly 1 in 3 (27 percent) of Singaporean employees would want their employers to provide more reskilling opportunities to meet employers expectations. The other 24 percent also wish for more support programmes to improve their skills or to adapt to the new work environment and job market. Meanwhile, only 15 percent of respondents said that their employer had implemented more reskilling opportunities during the pandemic to bridge the skills gaps.

Randstad H1 2021 Workmonitor survey captures the greatest challenges candidates currently face in the employment market across different industries. The report highlights that employers are responsible to make working life for employees as enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible. Beyond providing professional development, employers also need to help resolve the challenges their employees are facing in their careers. This includes addressing their worries about their employability and how their jobs will be impacted by the pandemic and rapid digitalisation. By removing these barriers, employees will perform much better at work as well as become more loyal and committed to the company’s success altogether.

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Companies should continue to support employees’ digital learning and welfare

More than half (63 percent) of locally-based respondents are satisfied with their current employer. This is a good number that suggests employee’s satisfaction is on check during the pandemic.

Survey respondents also shared that their employers have implemented training programmes around technology and other welfare initiatives to keep them safe and employed. The top five initiatives that local employers have implemented since the start of the pandemic are:

Strict and clear protocols for on-site and remote working56%
Policies on work hours to help workers keep a proper work-life balance27%
More training around technology24%
Regular surveys of employees about their well-being and perception of the organisation23%
A hotline for mental and physical health18%

Updating HR policies to reflect the new way of work is a great way for employers to demonstrate their long-term commitment to the workforce beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts to protect and retain their workers have led to the latter’s decision to stick by their employers through good and bad times, a clear affirmation of the importance of a positive work experience in creating high retention rates. The implementation of such initiatives is the right thing to do and it also just makes tangible business sense.

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