Tanuj Kapilashrami Quits HSBC Europe to Join Standard Chartered

December 30, 20168:27 am1408 views

Tanuj Kapilashrami is moving to Standard Chartered to lead as global head of talent at the Asia-focused bank. Bringing years of experience and knowledge to the bank going through rough weathers currently, Kapilashrami has been leading human resources at HSBC Europe since 2014, wherein she was previously heading HR at HSBC India as well.

Kapilashrami belongs to a small group of Indian women who have climbed top leadership positions at multinational organisations. She further stands a chance to become the global HR head at the London-headquartered Standard Chartered Bank.

The climb has been quite quick for Kapilashrami who is XLRI’s year 2000-MBA batch. She has been known to be an agile professional with strong understanding of the rapidly evolving banking ecosystem. Tanuj is also known for significant contributions made during her tenure at HSBC heading talent and HR operations across Asia, India and Europe. She is known to be a risk-taker among her peers in India and vocal about pursuing woman-centric leadership roles.

On a condition of anonymity, a senior banking official told Economic Times, that during the period of consistent financial turbulence globally, and markets slowing down, the big challenge was to keep the teams motivated. Here’s where Tanuj played a key role.

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This appointment comes at a time when many multinationals are keen on pushing in diversity initiatives and bringing more women to assume leadership roles. HSBC for example, announced a 50-50 women-men employment target by 2020. It is not easy even for women who are well-qualified to achieve leadership roles.

This appointment is yet another stepping stone for women across organisations in India and Asia. It is important that more women take charge and become strong role models to inspire others at mid-management levels to climb the corporate ladders of success and excel in leadership roles.

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