Samsung Terminates Labour Supply Firm in Malaysia on Grounds of Violating Hiring Norms for Migrant Workers

December 21, 20168:09 am562 views

Samsung terminated its contract with a labour supply firm in Malaysia last week on the grounds of violating hiring norms and processes for foreign workers. This announcement comes at a time when companies are being scrutinised for exploitation of migrant labour.

The South Korean electronics maker conducted investigation at its offices in Malaysia, wherein one firm was called off to termination, others are under the radar.

The company has introduced “Samsung Migrant Worker Guidelines” to prevent future issues of this type. The guidelines were developed with advice from the organization Business for Social Responsibility.

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The guidelines aim to “eradicate any existing or potential of forced or coercive labour, slave labour or human trafficking of migrant workers either at Samsung or among any of our suppliers.” The company said it will continue to monitor activities of labour supply firms, which they have been in contract with to understand workforce conditions, if they are hired as per the norms and paid on time.

Last month, The Guardian highlighted the plight of the foreign workers of Samsung and Panasonic in Malaysia, who claimed their passports were confiscated and that they were denied rest, including toilet breaks, in order to earn enough to pay their recruitment fees.

Subsequently, both companies launched investigations into the allegations and said they did not allow the confiscation of passports or charging foreign workers recruitment fees.

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