Most Employers Not Planning to Adjust Pay Despite WFH Norm

February 10, 20215:19 pm1198 views
Most Employers Not Planning to Adjust Pay Despite WFH Norm
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Teleworking has become the norm for some time now, with employers are encouraged to let their workers stay at home and work remotely whenever possible. However, a new survey has found that most employers were not considering adjusting their employee’s compensation based on location.

Nearly 1 in 4 (23 percent) of employers said they may modify staff salary, and only 11 percent had altered salaries according to location, such as lowering the pay if the employee moves to an area with lower living costs. Meanwhile, half of survey respondents said they have helped staff with other expenses such as setting up home offices and mobile phone bills, The New Paper reports.

Commenting on these findings, Singapore Human Resources Institute president Low Peck Kem said that organisations should be looking at base salaries to ensure fair pay within the workforce. By modifying benefits and allowances, he added, it could enable employees to achieve the same or higher levels of productivity while working from home.

The survey of about 1,500 organisations around the world conducted from Dec 7 to Dec 15 found as well that only 32 percent of employees are expected to return to the office once the pandemic is over.

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