MOM to Invite 33,000 Households to Participate in Labour Force Survey

May 22, 20189:30 am1419 views

A labour force survey is set to be conducted by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on about 33,000 households in Singapore. Starting on next Monday (May 21), the survey will be commissioned by MOM’s manpower research and statistics department for two months and ended in July 31.

In an official statement, MOM said that the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey will be carried out on a random sample of households. Those who have been selected to participate in the national-wide survey will be notified by post.

The information collected will be used to compile important manpower statistics as consideration to help in the formulation of policies and programmes by the ministry. Among the data gathered are the collection of personal and labour-related information from all members of the household, such as education, labour force status, as well as job details. If needed, survey participants are also required to provide their personal contact information for further verification.

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Furthermore, households are encouraged to take part in the survey online via the Manpower Survey Online System. If they fail to do so, MOM interviewers will directly call or visit the households, the Straits Times reports.

To prevent any scam, the interviewers will show an identification card issued by MOM. Those who wish to verify the identity of the interviewers can call the Survey Hotline on 6317 1009.

In the statement, MOM said that the survey is conducted in accordance with the Statistics Act, which safeguards the confidentiality of the information provided. Under the Act, it is also compulsory for all selected households to provide the ministry with the necessary information for the survey.

For more information regarding the survey, the public can visit the MOM website.

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