Let’s Salute Frontline Workers in this National Day: President Halimah

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Let’s Salute Frontline Workers in this National Day: President Halimah
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In the moment of National Day, Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob said today is a great time to salute frontline workers who have been at the forefront fight against the Covid-19 over the past 18 months. She also invited Singaporeans to show appreciation for the many selfless people who help others in need regardless of their status.

“Every year on National Day, we reflect on what it truly means to be Singaporean, and what have brought us to where we are today,” she said.

On a Facebook post, President Halimah expressed her heartened feeling about the progress of Singapore’s vaccination coverage. With the pandemic still far from over and new challenges like the Delta variant emerges, vaccination is essential to contain the spread. While two-thirds of Singapore residents have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, she encouraged Singaporeans who have not been vaccinated, especially senior citizens, to get their jabs soon.

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“It will help protect us, and at the same time keep our community safe”, she said.

Further, she also touched on the easing of restrictions over the next few weeks, which the Multi-Ministry Taskforce had announced on Friday (Aug 6). President Halimah added, “It is important that we do not let Covid-19 dominate our lives. We will adapt and find ways to manage this disease and better protect our nation.

“Let us continue to stand united as one nation, weather this storm, and keep our Singapore flag flying high. I am confident that if we continue working together with one Singapore spirit, we can build a Covid-19 resilient nation.”

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