Insensitive Co-Workers are the Biggest Productivity Drainers in India

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Together everyone achieves more – that’s a TEAM. While camaraderie and bonhomie among office colleagues can be wonderful, however many feel that their colleagues are exceedingly annoying too. surveyed over 1,400 working professionals in India to find out what co-worker habits appeared to annoy them the most. The significant majority (60%) state that insensitive co-workers were to be blamed for a decrease in their personal productivity.

In addition, 42% of employees say middle-level employees are the most annoying set of co-workers, as compared to senior and junior co-workers and most feel male co-workers are more annoying than female co-workers.

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Showing a clear cultural mismatch, nearly 40% of the professionals who responded to the TimesJobs survey state that colleagues who tend to barge into their private space and interrupt them are the most annoying kind. 30% of respondents to the survey hold a clear viewpoint on the other annoying kind of co-worker, who are the eternal cribbers, they tend to complain about everything.

The next are social media pokers, who react, comment and poke co-workers on social media, say 24% respondents. Another 22% respondents say that chatterboxes – colleagues who talk a lot and loudly – are the most-annoying type.

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Also, nearly 60% respondents blamed the behaviour of co-workers for hampering their workplace productivity. Nearly 75% of them said that in a day, co-workers tend to interrupt them for over an hour, taking a big toll on their productivity.

In terms of gender, 52% respondents state their male colleagues tend to annoy more than female co-workers. Interestingly, 62% male workers say male colleagues annoy the most while 56% female workers state female colleagues annoy them the most, reveals the survey.

The annoying aspects of male professionals, according to the respondents, is poking co-workers on social media and being chatterboxes. Among female workers, the most annoying habits, according to the respondents, was invading into co-workers’ privacy and cribbing.

In terms of seniority and experience, middle-level employees were seen as most annoying set of co-workers by nearly 42% respondents. But 39% said senior-level employees were most annoying and 19% said junior-level employees were most irksome.

Respondents also suggested solutions to avoid annoying colleagues. The ideal solutions, according to their responses, are:

  • Keeping conversations to the minimum to avoid annoying colleagues (35% respondents)
  • Avoiding/ignoring annoying co-workers (30% respondents)
  • Being upfront and telling colleagues they are being annoying (25% respondents)

This study clearly reveals for optimum productivity, it is important that both companies and the candidates evaluate each other, not just based on the person-job fit, but also on the person-culture fit.

The proficiency graphs and company reviews and ratings, helps corporates and candidates make smarter professional decisions by ascertaining the fit between the attitude of the candidate and the company culture, well before they actually accept the coveted offer letter.

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