Indonesia’s Leading Bank, BNI Adopts e-Learning to Improve Credit Performance

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Indonesia’s fourth largest bank, BNI has teamed up with Omega Performance, a TwentyEighty company, to create a robust e-Learning platform to improve the bank’s quality of assets aimed at reducing its credit risk. By focusing on training and developing its loan officers, BNI has found a solution to reduce the percentage of its nonperforming loans (NPLs).

Risk management is one of the top threats facing Indonesian banks in today’s economic climate. BNI had shown improvement year over year regarding its NPLs, but leaders of the bank wanted to do even better.

BNI’s strategy to reduce the burden on its financial system was to manage its operational risks by investing in technology and its people through a systematic training system for its loan approval processes.

The best way to do this was to supplement its in-house training model with an e-Learning platform from Omega Performance. Training employees using a technologically advanced platform ensures consistent learning opportunities are available to all credit officers and it encourages knowledge sharing within the bank.

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“A few years ago, I personally evaluated the content Omega Performance offered in terms of credit training, and I was highly impressed with the quality of the material,” said Putu B. Kresna, head of the organizational learning division at BNI. “After that experience, we have been successfully working together ever since.”

Since it was established in 1946, BNI has grown and developed into a national bank with sustainable financial performance and millions of customers worldwide. The bank relies on its wide-ranging service network, comprising of 1,585 domestic outlets and nine overseas branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition to seeing improvement on its NPLs, BNI senior managers saw instant results in the change in employee perception towards training.

It’s clear that BNI employees are seeing great value in being trained by a partner that understands the banking credit culture like Omega Performance.

Omega Performance has been able to get BNI’s most experienced credit officers to buy into the e-Learning platform. Using a blended approach that includes online self-study, facilitator-led interactive workshops, skills application labs and a Train-the-Trainer style of learning has laid a strong foundation for training at BNI.

Omega Performance is providing training platforms to help BNI in consumer lending, business lending fundamentals, financial accountability for lenders, commercial loans to business and minimizing problem loans.

“By elevating the competency and risk management skills of its bankers to international standards, BNI has taken an invaluable and progressive step to fulfill its vision of creating and sustaining a strong credit culture at the bank,” said Gil Madrid, business development director at Omega Performance.

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