HR Professionals in Singapore to Get Professionally Certified under a New Framework

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HR Professionals in Singapore to Get Professionally Certified under a New Framework
HR Professionals in Singapore to Get Certified Under a New Framework

HR professionals in Singapore will now get professionally certified under a new initiative program launched by the Manpower Ministry in Singapore. This launch was announced at the Singapore Human Resources Institute’s 50th anniversary evening.

This new framework will help develop talent in the human resources sector to create more professional and career development pathways. The program is being constituted by a taskforce representing employers, government and unions to make sound decisions for implementation of this new framework under which the HR industry in Singapore will function.

The tripartite committee has been constituted under the Sectoral Manpower Plan for human resources comprising of representatives from the government and unions to develop a new HR framework for meeting business goals.

As part of the plan, tripartite partners from over 20 sectors of the industry will come together to formulate manpower development plans for each of the particular sector that they represent. Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said, “These plans will identify future directions for the economy, the future skills required of the workforce, and set out a systematic approach of upgrading the industry and the workforce.”

This new national programme will equip workers and taskforce in Singapore with Skills for the future. A new SkillsFuture task force made up of government officials, human resource professionals and union leaders will be formed to draw up the certification programme. The programme will be headed by Aileen Tan, group director for human resources at Singtel.

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Labour chief Chan Chun Sing further laid out the labour movement’s plans to reach out to small and medium-sized firms through partnerships with HR professionals. Sing told Straits Times, “The bulk of our people are in SMEs, and many are not unionised and may not have access to the services provided by the labour movement.”

Some of the key challenges faced by the human resources sector in Singapore according to Chan Chun Sing are, HR departments are required to be more sensitive in order to manage increasingly global multinational teams. They have also to deal with increasing employee expectations, changes in contract terms and professionals are yearning for fulfilment in career pathways beyond wages. “People look for a diversity of experiences instead of being in one company, or even one industry.”

To address the change in HR trends and demands from professionals in the sector, Chang believes that individuals should look beyond Singapore and gain international experience. “This is because Singapore is creating jobs aimed at regional and global markets due to the presence of many multinational firms here. So it is important to develop “global mindsets with a local touch.”

Awards were presented to recognise human resource practices employed by more than 24 companies and government bodies at the SHRI annual 50 year celebration evening. One of the award winners, Annie Yap, group managing director of human resource consultancy firm AYP Asia Group said, “Besides raising the professionalism of the sector, the certification programme will make the sector more attractive to new talents.” More details on the certification task force and programme details will be announced soon by the Manpower Ministry of Singapore.

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