How to lose your job in no time

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How to lose your job in no time
How to lose your job in no time

Work etiquette can sometimes be tricky especiallyfor newcomers who either have no work experience or who were previously from industries with a radically different working culture.

While it is important to be yourself, some employees get so carried away with being themselves that they unknowingly cross the boundaries of what is acceptable and start to offend their superiors instead of impressing them.

If you do not want to lose your job, take note of these 22 deadly mistakes that could kill your career.


22 ways to get fired from your job

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  • If you are looking for a new job, don't do it at work and don't make it obvious. What reason would there be for your boss to not fire you if everyone knew you were planning to abandon ship?
  • Most companies would have rules and regulations when it comes to Internet use. Watching pornography at work is one practice that most firms do not condone. Some firms even deem that watching pornography provides sufficient grounds for employees to get fired.
  • Taking sick leave every single Friday is an extremely dangerous and foolish thing to do. Even if you must skive, the least you could do is to try not to do it in such an obvious manner.
  • Refusing to do work can be offensive to your boss, especially if the work is a standard requirement for your position. Giving your bosses and colleagues bad attitude when tasked with something will just work to your disadvantage, and maybe even cost you your job.
  • You should be honest from the start because the truth always comes out at some point. And when that happens, not only will you lose your job, you will also feel humiliated in the process.
  • Failing to record work conversations could get you fired when something goes wrong and fingers are pointing everywhere. Always keep an email trail to protect yourself in times of need.
  • If you do not have something to file an expense for, don't do it. While most companies do not act on employees bringing home a pen or a stapler, having the habit of taking company property could lead you to greater trouble.
  • Not only are lazy people reluctant to do work, they also hardly get anything done and leave others to pick up their slack. If you are lazy, you give your boss very little reason to keep you on the team.
  • Violent people are not only a threat to their colleagues, they are also a menace to the boss. People who have problem managing their anger could easily lose it, and end up hurting their boss in the heat of the moment.
  • You might not be aware but bosses do notice when one person is always checking out their friends' updates and engaging in other online social activity while at work.
  • If you are angry with something at work, be careful not to vent your frustrations on social media. Doing so will give your boss and your firm bad names, and might even convince your superiors to fire you.
  • While your results may be impressive, if they were achieved with unethical tactics, your efforts will be wasted at the end of the day. Not only will your successes be diminished, your character would also be called into question.
  • Having multiple affairs can cause your bosses to think that you treat the company as your personal dating website. While most bosses tolerate office romances, serial office daters are in danger of being seen as less responsible than others when things go wrong.
  • If you want to keep your job, be prepared and equipped with information related to your job at all times. People who are caught unaware often have lots to explain and end up looking stupid.
  • If your boss tells you confidential information, do not spread it to others no matter the cost. Opening your big mouth will ruin your credibility and if the secret is big enough, it could even cost you your job.
  • People love to gossip, but taking gossip too far could be costly if what you are saying is related to those who are your superiors.
  • Being on the phone for work is okay, but make sure you do not take too  many personal calls while in the office.
  • Although drinking alcohol at work is acceptable in some offices, drunkenness is a definite 'no' in most. Just to be safe, stay away from alcohol while working to make sure you are sober when answering your boss' tricky questions.
  • If your boss so much as glances at your screen and sees you shopping online while at work, he/she could lose all trust in you. Keep your online shopping for after-work-hours.
  • A relationship with your boss could be dangerous, especially if your job scopes are related to finance in any way. Most of the time, the boss is let of with a stern warning but the employee he had an affair with is seldom as lucky.
  • Making mistakes might be normal but being careless all the time is unacceptable. Make sure you check your numbers and facts correctly before submitting any work or documents to those above.
  • Blaming others can also get you in trouble because it shows that you cannot be a team player, and also are unable to shoulder any sort of responsibility. Finger-pointing can lead to the loss of your job if you are seen as the one who cannot fit in with the team or work effectively with others.
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