Govt to Create 1,200 Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities

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Govt to Create 1,200 Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities
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The government is doing its best to provide employment for all Singapore residents, including those with disabilities. In a news release last Friday (Jan 29), the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and SG Enable are announcing their commitment to creating 1,200 job opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs) this year.

The initiative will be divided into three programs, which include employment, traineeship and skills upgrading opportunities. These programs, which will support 150 opportunities for a start, are: Place-and-Train, Attach-and-Train and Skills Development Programmes.

These programs will complement current efforts under the
Open Door Programme, a government-funded initiative by MSF and Workforce Singapore, which aims to encourage employers to hire, train and integrate people with disabilities. SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling this group of people, Channel News Asia reports.

Under the Place-and-Train programs, PWDs will be assigned to employers and trained for new full-time or contract roles. The employers will receive 90 percent salary support from the Government for the placements. Together with the Jobs Growth Incentive and Enabling Employment Credit, the total wage support will be capped at 95 percent, said the ministry.

The Attach-and-Train programs support people with disabilities who will receive on-the-job and structured training by host companies in temporary attachments and/or traineeships. Those who are on the Attach-and-Train programs will receive an allowance benchmarked at 80 percent of the salary for similar roles, with the Government supporting 70 percent of the amount and the host company covering the remaining 10 percent.

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Employers and host companies offering the Place-and-Train and Attach-and-Train programs can also tap on the Job Redesign Grant under the Open Door Programme to defray the cost of equipment purchase, workplace modifications, job redesign, or any efforts to accommodate people with disabilities in the workplace.

Lastly, people with disabilities who attend customised training courses to upskill themselves as part of the Skills Development Programmes, will receive a monthly allowance of up to S$640 for the duration of the training, said MSF.

Participants of any of the above three programs will benefit from a 90 percent course fee subsidy for courses they attend, which means they need only pay 10 percent of the usual course fees.

The programs will provide between six and 12 months of support, depending on the length of the individual programs, said the ministry. MSF said these are part of the authorities’ efforts amid the ongoing impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance access to training, employment and related opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as to lower the costs for employers, host companies and training providers in offering these new programs.

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