Fujitsu to Redesign Office to Support Flexible Working

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Fujitsu to Redesign Office to Support Flexible Working
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Companies are slowly adopting the new normal in their workplaces. As part of its efforts to support and facilitate employees in the pandemic, Fujitsu recently announced its plans to redesign its Singapore office so employees will have different spaces throughout the office to conduct casual face-to-face meetings, as well as for social interactions.

The company said that shuffling the office space will “empower staff for a more creative and productive experience, focused on communication and people-to-people interaction”.

At the same time, the company said it will review and introduce solutions to further improve existing processes such as IT support, collaboration, project approvals, and introduce login methods that would not require a VPN. For instance, a new helpdesk tool will be rolled out to facilitate IT support for staff whether they are working remotely or in the office, ZD Net reports.

All 500 Singapore-based Fujitsu employees will also be given the option to spend up to 90% of their time working remotely under these new plans, with the company offering an allowance of up to SG$1,000 for all full-time employees to support their work-from-home needs.

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Fujitsu said the new plans are part of what the company has dubbed as its “work-life shift”, a five-year campaign that aims to introduce new flexible working arrangements for staff, and was introduced in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“An adaptive enterprise is critical to unlocking success, especially in uncertain times. Through Fujitsu’s Work Life Shift initiatives in Singapore, we are reimagining working styles through technology and innovation, connecting people, and boosting collaboration,” Fujitsu Asia president Motohiko Uno said.

“By incorporating the know-how gleaned from our internal learnings, we are better positioned to pivot from risk, add value and productivity, and enable companies in Singapore and Asia to be more agile and resilient.”

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