Event Update: Great Place to Work in Greater China Coming Up

November 23, 201510:13 am428 views

As the year’s end comes by, the Conference and Awards Ceremony of Great Place to Work Institute in Greater China will happen for the 4th consecutive year on December 3, 2015 in Hong Kong. Although this time it will be held in the fragrant port of Hong Kong, as the first three were held in Shanghai.

The event aims to release news and share ‘best practices’ and inspiring successful cases for a group of delegates from the region. In the evening, at the Awards Ceremony, an array of companies of diverse industries and sizes will be acknowledged and certified as ‘Best Companies to Work for in Greater China 2015’.

The event will foresee great stories shared by amazing speakers, a fun interactive session, a delicious networking lunch, very interesting VIP invitees, and an innovative perspective in an enriched panel session. The event will showcase fantastic practices from Best Practice Partners, like Delivery.com, Team Building Asia, Tacsen, Habitat for Humanity, among some others.

“It’s a can’t miss event for professionals who are keen to find out more about workplace cultures,” commented Martin Chung, Training Manager of Great Place to Work in Greater China, quite excited about the novelties in the format of the Conference.

“Engagement has become one challenging indicator of the culture of a company, and plenty of consultancy firms have been growing around the concept, alleviating the challenging and dynamic environment of today.

But if you want to witness the trends, the latest, and the best model-based cases, you certainly are in the right event. “It’s an unavoidable opportunity,” in the opinion of Mirley Perez, Business Development Manager for Greater China.

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This year, many KPIs in the region moved ahead noticeably. Companies in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are learning quickly, and are ambitiously building world class workplaces and, they’re doing it while taking care of the people as the strategic pillar of their business. This comes as part of the results of the survey done this year to 122 companies in Greater China region.

Some other important facts:

  • Around 200,000 employees are represented this year
  • 16 different industries, including sales, manufacturing and professional services
  • Small, medium and large companies participated
  • Multinationals with headquarters from all over the world
  • Global and regional top management, as well as regional HR management from certified companies will be the speakers and panelists.

Exclusive event with important number of invitees coming from top management and HR of awarded companies for networking. “We’re building a better society, helping managers and people to foresee, that a great workplace, a great job is possible, is attainable and even, nowadays, is becoming a must!”

The most skeptical people are also welcome to witness, question, and ask; I know he/she’ll get inspired by the speakers, the cases and the awards. Nobody can deny that we all deserve a better place to work. And this is what we’re doing in Greater China and 53 other countries.

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