Employers in Taiwan Cannot Deny Migrant Workers Anymore from Paid Leaves

April 20, 20178:08 am548 views

Migrant workers in Taiwan are now eligible for paid leaves, after one year of service, said the Ministry of Labour yesterday.

As per the new regulations, employers cannot deny migrant workers with paid vacations and certain other types of leave once the conditions are met, else they will be fined NT$60,000 to NT$300,000 (US$1,974-US$9,870) and revocation of their permits to hire migrant workers, Taiwan News reports.

According to the new regulations, migrant workers in Taiwan can now avail of paid marriage leave, bereavement leave, and personal leave, in accordance with the Labour Standard Law, the Labour Contract Law and the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, which will now cover migrant workers as well.

During instances, when employers are faced with an issue to meet large number of orders and cannot grant paid leave to migrant employees, or find temporary replacement to meet the job requirements, then they can perhaps negotiate with the employee on a mutually acceptable leave period, the Ministry of Labour said.

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However, in cases where agreement cannot be reached between the employer and the migrant worker then, the worker has every right to obtain leave for the required period in accordance with the Employment Service Act.

With new regulations coming to effect after an amendment was made to the Employment Service Act last year, removed the ban on migrant workers working in Taiwan on three-year contracts to not leave the country even for a day, if they wished to return to be rehired.

Is this move by the Government an attempt to address the growing skills shortage in the country and attract more foreign manpower to provide the much-needed economic boost? Wait and watch this space for more updates.

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