Construction Worker Dies After Falling 11 Meters at Worksite in Woodlands

May 3, 20189:02 am916 views

A foreign worker was pronounced dead after a fall at a construction site in Gambas on Tuesday morning (May 1), said a spokesman from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Wednesday (May 2).

According to the official statement, the fatal accident was occurred when a 44-year old worker fell through one of the openings in a shaft under construction at 2A Gambas Avenue in Woodlands. Landed 11 below on the ground, he was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene at 9.50am on Tuesday.

“The shaft was partitioned into different levels by gratings, and several workers were preparing to install railings around the openings on one of the gratings,” he added.

To further investigate the incident, MOM has commanded all works within the shaft and all work-at-height activities at the surrounding worksite to be stopped.

The police was alerted about the accident at 10.12am, while the Singapore Civil Defence Force said it had received a call for assistance at 10.15am and immediately dispatched its resources to the scene, the Straits Times reports.

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“A 44-year old man was found motionless and pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics,” confirmed a police spokesman. The authority has classified the case as an unnatural death and is working on to investigate the worksite and employer.

According to workers at the site, the man was an Indian national who worked under the employment of Ks-Lee Construction. It was his first time working at the Gambas site. He was reported to have been wearing safety gear, including a harness, before he entered the tunnel to work.

The site is one of six that are part of the Transmission Cable Tunnel Project, which involves the construction of two cross-island tunnels. The developer of the project is SP Powergrid and the contractor for the Gambas site is Samsung Construction and Trade Corporation (Samsung C&T). Ks-Lee is a subcontractor of Samsung C&T.

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