1,900 More Health Workers to be Hired by Malaysia’s Health Ministry

October 13, 20204:39 pm1072 views
1,900 More Health Workers to be Hired by Malaysia’s Health Ministry
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Malaysia’s health ministry has proposed to hire 1,899 additional health workers amid the resurgence in Covid-19 cases in the country. According to the health minister, Dr Adham Baba, these workers would be hired on a contract basis, and they include research officers, nurses, assistant medical officers and lab technicians.

Mr Adham said this recruitment was on top of the mobilisation of health workers and facilities from some states to those which needed them more. The proposal has been submitted to the Finance Ministry and Public Service Department on Friday (Oct 19). He added that the government’s Prihatin stimulus package had provided for an additional 2,000 health workers to be hired on a contract basis, Free Malaysia Today reports.

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“Aside from being stationed at health facilities like hospitals, health clinics, laboratories, district health offices and the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre, the health workers will serve at quarantine stations nationwide and international gateways into the country like KLIA,” he said.

Malaysia has been reporting triple-digit Covid-19 cases on a daily basis. As of yesterday, there were 4,587 active cases with 90 people in the intensive care unit. A total of 157 people have died.

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