Zoho People: Freemium & Affordable On-Demand Human Resources Information System

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Key Features of Zoho People
  • Employee Portal
  • Self Service
  • Organization Chart
  • Drag & Drop Customization
  • Checklist for Business Processes
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Travel Expense
  • Employee leave management
  • Travel Request
  • Company Calendar
  • Salary Tool

Zoho People is an On-Demand Human Resources Information System where HR manager can record important HRIS details in only one place. The pre-build forms facilitate administrative tasks, payroll processing, report generation and much more. Zoho People is a self service application where employees and managers themselves are involved in the handling of data. This increases accuracy and decreases administrative hassles!

Customize Form
Fortunately, with Zoho People you don´t have to get into code to customize this service to your needs. There are pre-build forms that your HR/Recruitment/Intranet team would usually ask for. If the need arises, you can just just drag & drop of fields & few clicks to edit properties.

As a HR specialist you usually have to interact with multiple entities of the organization to complete a business process like “new employee” process. These processes are normally time consuming since they include communication with different entities and the tracking of multiple tasks. This is where Zoho People helps you overcome with automated checklists. The checklists trigger a sequence of tasks on a specific action and also enables your employees to keep track of the progress of their requests.

Employee Portal HRIS
Zoho People provides your HR team with important HRIS details. Pre-built HRIS forms make your HR administrative tasks faster and you can focus on resolving important people related issues.
Get rid of multiple spreadsheets and maintain all your HRIS data in only one place.

Self Service
Managers and employees are enabled to handle their data on their own through self service. This increases data accuracy, decreases administrative hassles & lessens mundane paper work for you.

Organization Chart
Be informed about the employee reporting hierarchy structure of your enterprise in a tree based view. Included in the tree is the “Reporting To” field for each employee.

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