Why You Should Adopt Employee Recognition Technology

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A survey revealed that employee recognition becomes the highest motivator, regardless of age, industry or location. Recognition also beats monetary reward to be the best motivator of all time. Albeit there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in building corporate culture and behaviour, said Konstantinos Stathopoulos in the survey, recognition was found to be the most highly motivating factor. Meanwhile, incentives came second followed by rules, procedures, and personal agendas.

Moreover, a research by Deloitte University Press also suggested that company culture aligned with recognition can drive people’s behaviour, innovation, engagement, and customer service. As mentioned in the research, culture describes the way things work in an organisation while engagement describes how people feel about the way things work around within the said organisation. Companies can engage their employees better by showing that they care about employees. Providing employees with what they need to relax their minds, such as free food or activities they enjoy, is one of many ways to boost employee engagement.

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The more practical way, the research suggested is by providing employee recognition. Employee recognition can help companies operationalise the actions they need to take to engage employees better. As a result, employees will feel satisfied with the company that eventually improve productivity and performance. Recognition will also help employees realise that their presence matters to the company.

The one thing that shows you care about your employees is by recognising their great work.

The importance of employee recognition software

While it might sound simple, recognising dozens of employees might not be easy. You might miss one or two important points to be delivered to your employees. Additionally, if you collect feedback from your employees, you might not be able to cover all the feedback at once. While traditional methods like employee recognition survey can help, this might not be the best way to maximise your recognition program. Owing to these reasons, recognition technology should come into play.

Employee recognition and rewards software can change a company’s perspective on how to assess their employees. The benefits do not stop there, as managers can better measure employee’s key performance indicators, thus improving higher productivity, sales, quality, and timeliness to company earnings. Employee recognition platform can also boost communication and morale among employees so you and your team can have a better workplace environment, respectively.

Some other key benefits of adopting employee recognition software are improving company culture by awarding ambition, offering a platform for peer-to-peer recognition, rewarding employees with cash, gift cards and excursions, motivating teams to constantly operate at their highest level, and incentivising employees out of the office with wellness rewards. In short, employee recognition software enables you to improve workforce experience on an ongoing basis.

To reap the rewards, however, your organisation must ensure that employee recognition initiatives are strategically aligned with core values and business strategy. Additionally, you should always remember to being heedful about mindset, people, and process before technology.

A mindset to commit to building a new vision and accepting change and to implement processes that define business outcomes. Then, implementing recognition software initiatives to bring the best experience your employees could ever have.

The most-rated software

As going through the crowd of recognition software can be daunting and time-consuming, here are the 5 most rated employee recognition software according to G2 Crowd.

1.  Kudos

Kudos is a private social network that allows you to connect your team to your company. Kudos also allows your team to have peer-to-peer recognition with its enhanced technology communication. The Kudos system can help you communicate your brand, connect your team to your culture and reinforce your values which become an essential element for creating a foundation for employee recognition.

2.  Motivosity

Motivosity is a software platform that allows businesses to modernise their ability to recognise and reward employees for their good work. This software enables enterprises to have a more energetic and collaborative workplace where people are more engaged and anxious to help each other.

3.  15Five Continuous Performance Management

15Five provides a lightweight weekly check-in to better deliver everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance, including continuous feedback, objective tracking, peer recognition, 1-on1s, and reviews. You can scale your business culture better with 15Five while bringing out the best experience for the company’s staff.

4.  Bonusly

Bonusly empowers team across the world to recognise and reward each other for their great work. Bonusly also helps organisations outperform their competition and strengthen their team by fostering a culture of empowerment, positive feedback, and shared purpose.

5.  Bucketlist

Bucketlist enables companies to reward employees the way they want resulting in a 97 percent product satisfaction score. This software also allows employees or managers to easily recognise and reward their colleagues for living exemplifying core values of for outstanding performance.

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