Recommended Talent Acquisition Platforms for Seamless Hiring

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Recommended Talent Acquisition Platforms for Seamless Hiring
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Feeling overwhelmed in manually keeping track of your hiring process? Maybe it is time to make use of a talent acquisition platform to make your hiring process more seamless. Also known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it is an advanced tool, and many people are looking for user-friendly, dependable software solutions for job posting, scheduling interviews, and applicant screening. There are various talent acquisition platforms or software available now, but finding one that suits your needs and budget may get a bit confusing. To make sure you do not waste your money and time on a platform that does not serve you well, here are some recommended recruitment platforms you can consider using.

1 . Smart Recruiters

SmartRecruiters is a collaborative talent acquisition platform that allows you to collaborate with your team members and simplify the hiring process. It allows you to grade candidate profiles, organize them by tags, get data from their resumes, and build candidate profiles on the system. It also allows you to attach documents to each applicant profile. SmartRecruiters is used by companies such as Visa, Skechers, LinkedIn, Equinox, and McDonald’s to get a competitive advantage in recruitment. It provides full recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring capability built on a current cloud platform with an open marketplace for third-party recruitment services. When compared to other ATS stages. 

The pricing of this platform depends on your customized package and the number of employees you have or plan to hire. You can contact them for a consultation about the pricing. 

2 . Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an ATS platform that helps recruiters overcome a range of difficulties. Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive solutions for both in-house recruiters and employment agencies, allowing you to search, track, and hire the finest candidates without juggling across many media. Every workflow and management process may be customized to meet your specific demands for how you need to interact with your candidates and data. In addition, all plans provide access to an open API, so you don’t have to sign up for the most expensive plan to interface with other applications. The seamless integration of this talent acquisition platform is what makes this the most common alternative of SmartRecruiters.

Zoho comes in four different pricing packages: free, standard, enterprise, and professional. The free package that costs $0 comes with Basic Applicant Tracking and Schedule Interviews. The standard package is at $30 per recruiter per month. If you want more advanced features, such as product customization, resume parsing and formatted Resume. you can opt for the enterprise package ($60/recruiter/month) or the professional package ($90/recruiter). Check out the complete pricing and features here.

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3 . Lever

Lever is the only platform that offers an entire talent acquisition platform and comprehensive CRM features in one package, LeverTRM, to all talent acquisition professionals. Businesses can use the Lever Hire and Lever Nurture features to expand and grow their talent streams, establish real and long-lasting connections, and find the right candidates to hire. Lever Analytics delivers customizable reports with data visualization, as well as gives finished and interview feedback, among other things. It efficiently compiles all of the data in one place: candidate applications, email interactions, resumes, interview comments, and anything else required to conveniently access important data in an orderly manner.

Lever ATS offers customized pricing plans to accommodate each of its user’s needs. You can contact Lever’s sales team to get a quote of its pricing.

4 . Workable

The next popular talent acquisition platform is Workable. It offers very user-friendly features that can quickly assist the progress of your applicants, store notes, resumes, and emails all in one place. The pipeline management system is simple to use and navigate, allowing hiring managers to view candidates’ profiles and call recordings to make evaluations, significantly speeding up the hiring process. The hashtag tool is also excellent for categorizing applicants in order to discover them again for a certain skill. Workable is an easy-to-use application with several AI connections that allow you to exchange and receive candidate emails through the system, along with a notifications page.

Workable comes in three different packages: Paygo, Standard, and Premiere. If you only need to hire one candidate, you can use Paygo package that costs $129 per hire. The Standard package that costs $279/month gives you more advanced features for limitless hiring with Gmail/Outlook/Zoom integrations. The Premiere package that costs $559/month gives you all Standard benefits with additional advanced features. Learn more about it here.

5 . Breezy HR

Last but not least, the talent acquisition platform you should consider using is Breezy HR. With its auto-scheduling features connected with Google Meets and Zoom, Breezy provides a user-friendly design that helps engage more people in recruiting processes. It automates repetitive processes like job postings, job board advertising, interview scheduling, and follow-ups. It is user-friendly from both an administrative and a user viewpoint. It has several integrations (Slack, Indeed, etc.) One of the platform’s biggest features is the option to customize it to your own needs as a business. Breezy can also publish to hundreds of outlets on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to produce individual ads on tons of job portals.

Breezy HR has 4 pricing editions, including one free package called Bootstrap that allows you to try it out for one position or pool. The other 3 packages are called Startup ($143/month), Growth ($249/month) and Business ($399/month), all of which make room for unlimited positions from an unlimited talent pool. You can check out its complete features here

Finding the best candidate for your company may not be easy and it can be very time-consuming if you stick to the manual process. With these recommended talent acquisition softwares, you can actually speed up your recruitment process with much better outcomes in the end. Remember to check on the offered features of these softwares, so you will end up with one that will serve your needs for seamless hiring. Good luck!

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