Personal Connection during Video Interview? Possible!

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Video interviews are trending, especially for technology-related companies. In the future, we will likely see the rise of video interview. Here’s the future of hiring through video interview as stated in this PGI infographic.



There are difficulties in maintaining a personal connection with the job candidates through video interview. Building a good relationship in real world is not so easy, even more on the cyberspace with somebody we don’t know. Then, how do we begin to know candidates on a more personal level when aspects of our personalities are masked by the very technology we’ve come to depend on?

Truth is, people nowadays are less and less revel face-to-face communication. According to a Gigaom report last year, remote users feel more connected when using video. They found that 65% of communication is nonverbal, which means the finding gave a strong support for the current trend.

Opting for a one-way or live video interview allows employers to analyze a candidate’s body language and facial expressions to gain a better understanding of that potential employee’s individuality. In fact, according to a 2013 Forbes article, the way communication is conveyed is astounding: 55% via face, 38% via tone of voice, and only seven percent from the actual words said.

We can draw a conclusion that using video interviews is a key way to establish a personal connection with candidates during the hiring process. Plus, 66% of candidates actually prefer video interviews. If one-time video interview doesn’t seem enough, then you could consider social media as the answer. Social media allows organizations to connect with candidates in a low-key, low-pressure environment.

Instead of just one-way communication, candidates can interact with companies in a more transactional manner, asking questions and receiving answers. Consider options like organising a Google Hangout to discuss openings at your company and inviting potential candidates.

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The original article first appeared on Fast Company.

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