Pedal Desk – New Tech to Save and Retain Employees’ health

December 6, 201810:05 am1399 views

Do you know that your desk and chair can be a silent killer?

In many cases, lazy employees who spend most of their time sitting and staring at their laptop are more likely to die faster. It is because sitting for too long at your desk has been constantly linked to higher risk of diabetes and obesity. A study by Ho Han and team found that excess sitting time can be a single largest contribution to total weekday sitting time (52 percent). When employees are not willing to exercise, they might end suffering from obesity and the company will need to spend more on employees’ healthcare costs.

As a concern of study, Ho Han and team want to make changes in workspace and fight obesity. They focused their study on overweight/obese office workers who reported sedentary lifestyles and had characteristics suggesting increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The study findings showed that new tech as called pedal desk is a proof-of-concept where participants can perform consistent light-intensity physical activity at a self-selected cadence without an obvious negative impact on work skills.

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Even though there were no significant work skills used when using pedal desk compared to standard desk, it can still give you fuss-free workplace habits for healthier employees. Moreover, it is essential to encourage employees to fight obesity and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ho Han and team also mentioned in their study that many companies already replace standard desks and chairs with standing desks and even treadmill desks. However, according to researchers, these solutions are not feasible to use for long hours shifts and might give more problems such as decreasing work performance and motor skills, fatigue, and discomfort.

Nevertheless, the study shows that pedal desk can offer a new solution and is found as less exhausting alternative. It was revealed that employees can pace themselves and this new tech can reduce exhaustions. Pedal desk is easier to use with musculoskeletal or reduces mobility and is non-weight-bearing and less strenuous. It can also crease minimal disruption to work-related tasks. What’s more is employees who use pedal desk has improved insulin responses to a test meal which means it can decrease the risk of many disease, including diabetes.

As a result, not only will it retain your employees, but you also take a good care of their future career health. It can also mean that attracting new potential talents will be an easy peasy task to do – as long as your company stand out different and provide wellbeing in workforce.

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