More global companies choose Workday to migrate HR to the cloud

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More global companies choose Workday to migrate HR to the cloud
Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for financial and human resources helps migrate HR to the cloud.

World majors such as the Coca-Cola Company and Dell have chosen Workday to migrate finance and HR functions to the cloud. Workday is a leader in enterprise cloud applications for financial and human resources to transform businesses on the path to growth.

The global industry leaders such as Adobe, eBay, and Sanofi are now live on Workday with successful global deployments. The company continues to be the leader in the human capital management systems, by delivering HR applications on the cloud to Dell, ING in the Netherlands, Hitachi, and of course now, the newly joined majors, the Coca-Cola Company and Dell.

Workday offers companies a modern day technological foundation to streamline world operations, by delivering in-moment insights about their workforce, while supporting global rapid expansion initiatives of the company.

Workday is the only vendor to be rated “Above Average” across “All Criteria” for product satisfaction and vendor-customer relationship satisfaction in a recently published report by Gartner, Inc., entitled “Seven Ways to Compare the Enterprise HCM Suite ‘Big Three.'” Report findings were based on an online customer reference survey conducted by Gartner.

“Customers continue to tell us they need an enterprise system that’s built for the future, easily adaptable to their global business needs, and offers insights and recommendations to help them grow,” said Aneel Bhusri, co-founder and CEO, Workday.

Bhusri added, “With Workday, customers gain the only enterprise application built from scratch for finance and HR with only one version and one community dedicated to shared success and growth.”

Workday continues to grow big on cloud, but its revenue outlook do not reflect the same position, as it falls bit short on expectations after Q1. However the company continues to outpace its rivals, Oracle and SAP by forecasting revenue growth for the current period to be between $270 million to $274 million, which is up by 45 percent to 47 percent from the year-ago period.

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When quizzed Bhusri further on whether, Workday sees an increasing competition from Oracle in the HCM solution management space, he told Jefferies analyst John DiFucci, “I don’t think it’s any different in terms of their tactics in the first quarter than it has been in previous quarters. I mean, I would say every quarter is ebb and a flow. I would say right now Oracle has their act together better than SAP. SAP seems to be in a bit of disarray. So from our mind, that sort of all evens out.”

In the meanwhile, Workday has been busy collaborating partnerships for quantifying workplace productivity with BetterWorks, a leader in setting enterprise goals for quantified workplace.

This new BetterWorks integration will automatically capture employee progress and organisational growth towards goals set in real-time and put critical data in the context of the most important individual, team and company-wide objectives.

Through this association, BetterWorks can automatically pull organisational data from Workday and provide users, access to the most relevant HR data pool, along with the additional features of goal alignment with a targeted approach.

On the sales front, marketing and customer service teams can connect critical information in the Salesforce platform with their goals in BetterWorks. This will help measure progress automatically, while making it more transparent and quantifiable.

“At the heart of the quantified work movement lie three critical success factors: the ability to quantify actions, turn data to actionable insights and create a peer support network,” said Kris Duggan, CEO and Co-founder of BetterWorks in the press release .

“High-growth companies need access to critical data to make smart business decisions, but until now, it hasn’t been available in the context of the company’s top priorities. By automatically bringing all of a company’s data points—including data from Salesforce and Workday—into one place, we’re helping business leaders make the most informed decisions by knocking down the silos that typically prevent managers from seeing real progress.”

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