6 Best HR Vendors for Healthcare Sectors: Survey

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6 Best HR Vendors for Healthcare Sectors: Survey
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Healthcare organisations have reached a critical business inflection point brought on by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with massive disruption caused by healthcare digitisation and the move towards multi-cloud solutions that other industries have had to grapple with.

Based on Black Book survey, human resources in healthcare organisations have traditionally been slow to adapt to new technology. Human resources is rarely on health systems’ C-Suite priority list for investment – but, outsourcing technology is changing that. The belief that HR outsourcing in healthcare enterprises is still being driven by cost-cutting has also evolved. Outsourcing is not going to save organisation significant money in 2021 unless HR leaders go down the offshoring path where labour costs are cheaper. 

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The survey also mentioned that 77 percent of healthcare HR leaders confirm this disruption is changing the outlook for human resources as a function and the valuable role that transformational outsourcing is playing in health systems. Hospitals are removing the barriers between seemingly disparate systems including HR via multi-cloud solutions. Additionally, healthcare companies that outsource their entire HR function to one provider are shrinking, but outsourcing of point solutions is definitely on the rise.

Moreover, nearly all (91 percent) of HR leaders reported that the days of HR outsourcers doing everything are probably over. 96 percent are rethinking or have retracted the total HR system outsourcing contracts to reorganise into a blend of functional types of outsourcing using advanced technologies. Human Resources in healthcare organisations is finally getting its moment in the spotlight. HR data analytics is absolutely crucial in helping healthcare providers make informed decisions in terms of talent management, engagement, succession planning and employee health and resources, especially through the pandemic.

Over 2,000 HR outsourcing healthcare users rated the top managed services and software-as-a-service vendors performing atop of Black Book’s 18 proprietary key performance indicators. The highest-ranked client satisfaction and experience scores were awarded for 2020 to:

  • Enterprise End-to-End Healthcare HR Outsourcing: Accenture HR
  • Payroll Outsourcing: Paycor
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Hireology
  • Legal Compliance Outsourcing: Engage PEO
  • HR Software-As-A-Service: Ultimate Software
  • Other highly ranked HR outsourcing vendors included ADP, Insperity, TriNet, Bullhorn, ICIMS Talent, Acquisition Suite, Akken Cloud, Unicorn HRO and Logibec HCM VIP

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