AI for Mobile: A New Way to Speed-Up Performance in Workplace

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most common buzzwords among today’s leaders. From healthcare, sales, personal assistants, education, cybersecurity, sports, and mobile phones, there is already a deep impact made by AI in all sectors of industry. According to Business of Apps survey, the global AI market is projected to reach $191.60 billion by 2025.

The development of AI is undergoing a rapid growth and all-encompassing in the field of mobile marketing. It was revealed in the survey that China will be the world’s uncontested AI power. It has attracted the most funding globally accounting for 48 percent of all global investment. It is same as 10 percent points ahead of the US worth $3.55 billion in 2017. Moreover, giant company such as Alibaba, Google, Apple, Tencent are also investing heavily in AI.

Meanwhile, the area of mobile device development also sees a rising trend from year to year. Recent study by GSMA Intelligence noted that more than 5 billion people around the world have mobile connection. Mobile phone also becomes an everyday tool used by humans to connect, do transaction, learn, give service, work, and many more. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many companies are set to develop AI for mobile devices.

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Thus, with rapid improved technology AI and mobile device, you should know these types of technology in order to choose the right tools for your career growth. Regardless of your business field or department you work in, here are mobile AI you should consider, taken from The Mind Studios:

01  Natural language generation (NGL)

Also called as natural language technology, this AI mobile is a customer service application. NGL is especially useful for producing news, creating reports and market reviews.  NGL is offered by big companies such as Attivo, Automated Insights, Cambridge Semantics, Digital Reasoning, and more.

02   Speech recognition technology

The example of this technology is Siri or Cortana. This AI can be used in interactive voice control. It allows you to decode and transform human speech into format that is understandable to a computer. The most frequent use of this application includes call routing, speech-to-text processing, voice dialling, and voice search.

03   Chat bots or voice managers

Chat bots or voice managers is no longer unfamiliar to our knowledge. It is a useful AI tool when you have a business application that deals with people online. Chat bots can give a comprehensive and immediate answer to your customers. Thus, it will make customer happy. However, you should set or maintain your chat bots in a good way. Also, if you want to use it, you should be assisted by virtual agents.

04   Biometrics

Biometrics can help leaders or managers to better know their employees. Biometrics allows you to identify, measure, and analyse human behaviour and physical aspects through work with images, sensory recognition, voice and gesture control. Usually, Biometrics is used in marketing research.

05   Text analytics and natural language processing (NPL)

NPL and text analytics allows you to find information you need in search engines. It can generate news and structure text solid. You can use this automation to monitor your security and fraud detection system. You’ll be alert if there is any malware. The most popular ones are Coveo, Indico, Expert System, Knime, Lexalytics, Synapsify, Sinequa, Stratifyd, Linguamatics, and Basis Technology.

06   Machine learning platforms

If your corporation is about forecasting and classification, you should consider to implement machine learning platforms based on machine learning (ML). Recently AI and ML has created huge impact on human interaction with machine. AI and ML also become a lot precise in accumulating information. Therefore, not only for forecasting, according to Mantra Malhotra, these are changes you can find in AI and ML that you can adapt in workplace.

  • Creating app marketing

Collecting and maintaining a huge set of data online and offline take a lot of time and hard work, especially when you deal with millions of customers worldwide. This AI-based mobile will help in analysing and researching market and purchase history. According to Statista, business and companies are going to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to increase their sales. AI and ML will also help business take better marketing decisions for increasing their user engagement and sales.

  • High app authentication

With ever-changing technology and increasing use of mobile, we can advance our data security level. AI, in this matter, has a huge responsibility about cybersecurity. The high authentication of mobile can be optimized with AI and ML. It can be reduced by giving alerts to users about possible threats and vulnerability by analysing user behaviour.

  • AI combined with IoT

AI will take a drastic change by collecting all real-time data and processing it. So, your device learn to function on their own. Thus, if you are developing a mobile application for your business, AI can help mobile developer to learn and execute with every information and can take immediate necessary action.

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