4 Types of Virtual Reality Suitable for Your Business

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Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly becoming a reality. Nowadays, more and more people become familiar with this innovative technology. VR can be used for wide purposes covering various fields of industry such as military, healthcare, fashion, business, education, and programming languages. More than just means of entertainment, VR is increasingly employed by professional leaders to help them grow businesses, from revamp marketing strategy to boost employee productivity.

With a life-size, 3D environment, people can experience the real life situation from virtual reality when wearing a specific VR headset. In business, VR can help provide a medium for potential customers to engage with the company’s products and services. Several prominent companies are already successfully integrating this technology to their business, including IKEA, TOMS, National Geographic, and many more.

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Interested in growing your business with Virtual Reality?

If your business is ready to mingle with this inventive technology, you need to know which types of VR are suitable for your business purposes, such that you will not waste your hard-earned resources on the wrong virtual reality for your business because different VR can be used in different field of business.

  • Window to the world

This virtual reality is commonly used for medical purposes. It gives the experience of visualising the complex view such us surgery in medical situation. However, this VR can also be used for training people working in high-risk jobs. Among roles that can take advantage of this technology include logging workers, farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers, and any high-risk works.

  • Immersive

This virtual reality provides immediate, first-person experience. The examples of this VR are treadmill and hepatic gloves, and Google cardboard. By using this VR, you can experience real life situation such as running in the field or walking through the unreachable space. This VR is usually used to train astronauts or military workers. However, in today’s society, this VR can also be used for gaming or just simply getting rid of boredom. Therefore, if you want to pamper your employee and make them more productive, you can buy one or two of this VR type for your office. It can help the employees get rid of their stress and explore the far-off land.

  • Telepresence

Telepresence derives from tele that means “at a distance”, and presence that means “being present”.  Telepresence or teleoperation is a VR that allows the person to control any device from distance. This virtual reality can be used if there is a danger in your office. For example, there is a fire in your office and you need to save important files, you can use this VR to do that for you. Additionally, this virtual reality can help you do 2D meetings with your clients or promote your products to customers with great 2D visual advertisement.

  • Mixed Reality

The final VR that can be used for business is mixed reality. This type is the combination of the previous types, telepresence, with the computer generated inputs. By using this type of VR you can feel the person or everything without the actual presence of the thing or the person themselves. This VR can be used to get the complex information surgery while wearing VR HMD (head-mounted display). Moreover, this gear gives 3D life picture of the things you want to see. For example, you can use this device to attend a conference or meeting without coming to the venue by yourself. Not only will it cut the flight budget but also more time-saving.

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