Why Your Business Needs a Podcast and Podcaster

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Everyone likes listening to a story, especially one that is full of magic and tricks. Do you?

If you do, maybe your client and customer do, too. Then why not try making a podcast to share amazing stories of your business and grab more attention from your audience?  

In 2018, Carey Green, a podcaster, mentioned that podcast is the most wanted tools to learn effectively. From time to time, it gets bigger than a few years ago with education being the second most popular topic, while news is the third. The statistics Green compiled showed that there are approximately 24 percent podcast listeners in 2018. This number keeps increasing annually by 10-20 percent. More than 350 new podcasts are out per day, with an average of $20 and $45 cost per month to run a successful podcast.

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After a year, in 2019, the latest statistics from podcast insights revealed that more and more people are interested in this hands-free learning as it allows individual to learn while doing daily chores. There are more than 50 percent of the population in the US alone who frequently listen to a podcast. It outnumbers more than 25 percent podcast listeners in 2018. Additionally, the statistic showed that 80 percent of listeners are listening to all or most of each podcast episode to an average of 7 shows per week.

A podcast can be an alternative to video, book, or article post that demand full attention to learn. This can help busy individuals to not miss out learning while doing their job or activities. Krisz Rokk, an international marketing consultant, said that “as a marketer, time-efficient educational strategies and methods were always great importance to me staying on top of trends.” Podcast, in this regard, is a magic alternative as people can multi-tasks while listening. “Driving car was no problem. Cooking and listening was great fun. Hitting the gym, training, and educating myself has a lot of benefits,” added Rokk.

Other than that, Rokk has shared her valuable insight into how a podcast can actually improve gross domestic business.

01  It builds a quick market and gains a worldwide loyal audience – Most of podcast listeners are loyal, affiliate, and educated. Therefore, once you create a podcast that grabs their attention, you can build a valuable and most loyal subscriber or listeners. Most importantly, a podcast is one of the ways to connect with your consumer on a deeper level as they can hear and pay attention to your emotion. People choose podcast based on topics, the way the podcaster deliver it, the standpoint, and the voice itself. So, you should explore the facets and share interesting topics in your targeted market.

02  You are control of the game – Prominent businesses are already adopting podcast in their marketing strategy because it is time efficient. You can produce podcast weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to your free schedule. If you want, you can include video, video audio, or simply audio to your podcast. There is an endless possibility as you can upload it not only in social media, but also in iTunes, apple podcast, or other podcast apps.

03  You can connect with your audience and brilliant minded people in a deeper level – Bringing in a key influencer to your podcast interview session will be a lot of fun. Listeners can get more insight from executives and you can leverage your circle by connecting to more professionals.

04  You can boost credibility and brand awareness – To compete with other podcasts, you should first build trust with your listeners. It can be done by sharing valuable content to audience. Then, to gain credibility and brand awareness, you need to be a recognised expert in your choose niche, Rokk suggested. It can be done by starting a podcast itself.

05  You can gain revenue from podcast – Picture this, once you gain loyal and solid subscribes and follower, you can document your podcast and sell it to them. Turn your loyal listeners to paying customers. You can begin by creating a content based on your most popular training podcast interview, or most wanted podcast tips and tricks. Just remember to sell something worth money by doing some detailed research to audience and your product.

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