Why and How to Build Resilience in Modern Workplace

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More than just happiness, resilient life also gives you satisfaction. A study on happiness unpacked showed a correlation between life satisfaction and resilience in tandem with positive emotion. The study found that life satisfaction is a core of happiness. Therefore, it is suggested that one should develop resilience in order to create more good feelings and better life. As quoted from the study, “Happy people become more satisfied not simply because they feel better, but because they develop resources for living well.”

Another review from Chris McColgan on resilient life discovered that resilience is a great adaptation to hard task in life including social disadvantage and highly adverse conditions, be it in workplace or general society. Resilience cannot be built unless an individual has been through hard times. “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems,” said Gever Tulley, a speaker and an influencer. Therefore, conversely, there is no other solution for employees who are so stressful at work but to return back to their resilient space.

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Ian Rothwell, founder of RW learning, said that change in modern world has continuously increased and it requires greater resilient workforce. While you need to perform your best, you should balance it with your mind, environment, skills, and behaviours in and outside workplace. Resilience is key to build a personal and professional life from the bottom to zenith.

The picture above shows how resilience build up every aspect of life in modern workplace. Not only it affects you in emotional level, resilience also give impacts on your physical productivity.

Based on Positive Psychology Program (PPP) review, resilience is dynamic. It means you can build and boost your resilience according to your needs. PPP suggests that in order to be more resilient, you should be able to develop effective strategy for reducing vulnerability to stress and the impact of adversity. So, you can try these effective strategies proposed by PPP.


First and foremost thing in encouraging a resilience is positivity. When you have positive behaviour and thoughts, you will likely to be able to adapt to difficulty and hold on to a sense of control over work environment.

Emotional insight

PPP wrote that insights is closely associated to emotional intelligence. So, when you have a level of insight, you sure have a level of awareness about emotions. These emotions, then, generate negative and positive outcomes. Psychologically resilient individuals can be described as emotionally intelligent (Tugade & Fredrickson, 2004). Hence, if you think you cannot manage your emotional insights, you better start learning how to strengthen your emotional intelligence as a mean to build a resilient life.


How good can you manage your work-life balance? Balancing professional and personal life is also a factor of resilient life. Therefore, you should improve your strategy in managing between job and personal life. A few quick suggestions include relaxing, unwinding, and recuperating. You can practice your own relaxation session according to your needs such as walking in a wood or doing a meditation. After relaxing, you will be able to move to the healing process that will eventually lead to resilience.


A spiritual life has been linked to a more resilient life. Therefore, spirituality is also a key in developing resilience at work. Sometimes, spirituality can also lead an individual to view stressful situations as having positive aspects or purpose, and appreciating potential benefits. That is why, you should learn how to be calm in every situation – learn how to bring spiritual life.


By becoming reflective, you can follow rhythm on how to cope with stress. You can build right emotions and emotional reactions in such stressful situation. Also, you will be ready once stress bounce back. PPP mentioned that if employee knows particular circumstances they deal with, it will be easier for them to adapt and implement coping strategies such as seeking support.

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