What to Say and What Not During Face-to-Face Interview?

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One day, you open your email and receive an invitation for a face-to-face interview at the company you always dreamt working for. This is definitely thrilling news for every applicant, especially when you have invested hours and days of tireless job seeking. However, here’s the catch: you should be prepared well to be able to eventually land the real job.

Now appearing at an interview can prove to be a daunting experience for some people. Being too excited and nervous at the same time, you might end up saying things out of control. Always be careful!

One right sentence might bring you the offer letter your way, however one silly mistake can doom your chances as well. To help you to prepare better before you appear for the next face-to-face rendezvous, here are things you should and should not say during the interview:


I am a flexible person

When you are answering a question related to job duties or possible start date of employment and the interviewer tends to negotiate on the same, you need to stress upon your flexibility. It will demonstrate that you have an ability to adjust with the environment and comply with the rules.

If you are asked to do something that you have never done before or even heard before, always emphasise on your willingness to learn new things and take up new challenges. This will showcase your determination to level up your skillsets and grow with the company.

I have experience with…

Explain in details about your previous job experiences, when you are asked about particular cases or issues. Avoid answering with a short ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  Divulge more details about yourself and it’s not wrong to sometimes seem more elaborate, such that the interviewer can gauge your potentials and develop a better understanding about your competencies.

I read from the website that…

Hiring managers often want to test out the candidate’s knowledge about the organisation. Hence, make sure that you have checked their official website, know about the company business operation and access their official brand page on social media to find out basic company information and latest updates. Show the interviewer that you take the interview seriously.

What should be my focus to succeed in the job role?

For interviewers, the best thing during a face-to-face interview is to hear good questions from candidates. Do your homework well, research everything about the company such that you can find meaningful queries at the end of the session. This will showcase, you are keenly interested to know the company better.

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I will do anything

Hiring managers are seeking for passionate employees who are willing to dedicate themselves to a particular job role, and not just someone who desperately want to land the job. Hence, avoid saying things showcasing extreme openness and flexibility to adapt or else the interviewer might see you as an incompetent candidate.

You look great today

If you think that praising the interviewer’s physical appearance will bring you a step closer to the job, you are not necessarily right. Rather than being flattered with your praise, they will find it highly irrelevant to talk about it during a job interview and thus judge you as being unprofessional.

I hate my previous job

While it might be true that you are keen on quitting your last job because it does not fit your passionate personal goals or for other personal reasons, do not reveal this to your interviewer.

When asked about why you intend to leave the job, try to see things from different light and talk about what you have learnt from the previous job instead. You can also emphasise on why you are interested applying for a new job role in the company.

My last boss is terrible

Do not ever badmouth your last boss or someone else in your previous companies. Not only does it look unethical, it will send a negative signal that you are someone who is difficult to manage and cannot stay abreast of the company rules.

While being invited to a face-to-face personal interview can be counted as success, chances are, this interview might be only the first step before a longer hiring overhaul. The main purpose of attending an interview is to send signals of assurance to your future employer that you are the right talent they have been looking for.

You should prove that your CV does not lie or fake experiences, by demonstrating that you have the right skills required for the job role as well as a great personality to fit into the company culture. Good luck with your job search!

This article first appeared in Talentvis.

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