Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Workplace Environment

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Managing multi-generational workforce is a daunting challenge for HR professionals everyday. They are required to deal with issues impacting the top management and stakeholders and also maintain the balance with subordinates and overall workforce.

To maintain calm and stay positive in an ideal condition of business is what every HR would be dreaming of, but all dreams are not meant to be true in the real work-life scenario.

Increasing workloads, targets, deadlines, people’s issues, conflicts with colleagues, compounded by employers’ lack of leadership skills significantly turns a positive workplace into  a negative one. All the chatter at work with these mind-boggling issues to attend to, could make everybody going insane. This impacts employee performance and productivity levels at work.

Therefore, an HR professional should be the first person, people look up to in times of crisis. The professional should be able to portray a great attitude towards the negative situation, offering prompt advice, guidance and suggestions to make employees feel positive and empowered to perform at work.

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Here are ways to stay positive in a negative workplace environment:

  • First of all, it’s all about you

HR professionals should encourage employees to ask themselves some of the critical questions – whether their attitudes and characteristics at work contribute to creation of a negative workplace.

If an employee doesn’t realize if he insults, discriminates or even bullies other colleagues through a casual conversation or workplace gossips to fuel conflicting situations at work, and sour relationship with bosses or colleagues.

When leaders demand higher performance and productivity, have the employees really maximized efforts to achieve them? Such questions should help employees to self-reflect on their productivity, performance and behavior patterns at work.

  • Aware about who you are and what you can do

When an employee can’t stand anymore with the bad working system or selfish arrogant leaders or can do nothing to change it, then it’s time to be reminded about who you really are and what you can do.

Before employees make a bad decision or even decide to quit from the organization, HR professionals should remind employees about a basic fact that, “No one can control other’s behaviors and attitudes. It is absolutely impossible to make other people do things that you would expect them to do.”

It is the right time for HR professionals to encourage employees about what could have been done in an attempt to ‘survive’ and keep sane at all situations.

Reflecting on the individual’s’ desires and targets in pursuing their career, reminding them of their competencies, proficient skills and achievement could make employees motivated to perform in a negative workplace environment.

  • Learn from the bad situation and experiences

The last one perhaps the most effective way to cope with diminishing levels of self-esteem is to learn to co-habit with positive attitudes towards work and life in a negative work environment. Experience is priceless and this impacts on how somebody behaves and treats others.

Dealing with negative situations and workplace culture, employees learn to endure, develop critical leadership skills, and are eager to advise others to help them survive and work productively in the future.

To pave through roadblocks to progress in a negative workplace environment is not easy. It is a big challenge for HR professionals to keep the employee morales high, stay positive and productive, before they dread coming to work, frequent sick leaves and in course of time, decide to quit.

HR professionals should initiate a resolution and give specific reports to the top management, however at the same time they should maintain their calm at all times to resolve conflicts and crisis at work.

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