Travel & Earn Money in Asia: 5 Things You Should Know before Applying for Jobs in Asian Country

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With its rich culture and language, Asia has long become a popular destination among tourists from across the globe. As the largest and most populous continent on earth, Asia is also increasingly becoming popular destination for people who want to try their luck and pursue their dream career. For example, migrants are coming to China seeking for its seemingly endless economic growth, Hong Kong for its vibrant mix of Eastern and Western cultures, Singapore for its quality of living, or Thailand for its friendly people, culture, and beautiful view.

Now, are you interested in traveling to Asian countries but with low budget? Then how about  getting yourself a job while traveling? Sounds promising, right? You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and learn Asian cultures without having to worry about your financial condition, as you can work and earn money during your visit. Below, we share 5 things you should keep in mind before applying for jobs while traveling in Asian country:

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  • The cost of living

The first step you should do is to calculate how much you will have to spend for your living cost in the country. It is true that living cost in some Asian countries will not be as costly as living in European countries. For example, to rent a homestay for 1 person per day, you need to spend around 4 US$ in Bangkok, Thailand with decent facilities such as showers in and breakfast; compared to the 17 US$ in London, England with the same facility. However, living in bigger and more developed Asian countries such as Singapore, China, and Hong Kong might cost you more than expected.

Accordingly, calculating the living expenses is crucial so you can manage to have a good life in the destination country. If possible, you can find jobs in respected company that is willing to cover your flight expenses and provide you a place to stay during your working period so you can save money for traveling and other living needs.


  • The safety

It is important to always prepare for the unexpected things when working overseas, as in some Asian countries, they might have unfavourable records when it comes to gender equality, religious freedom, or environmental condition. You should also watch out of some local health threats such as malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, and rabies as these diseases are common in many Asian countries. Furthermore, in countries such as Japan and Indonesia, you should also be ready when natural disaster such as flood and earthquake happens. You have to do a thorough research before visiting the countries.

Beside those things, you should be careful when you are walking alone on the street because not all Asian people are nice. Knowing that you are a foreigner, they might try to scam about the prices of foods or destinations you want to visit, simply because you cannot speak their native language. Owing to this reason, it will be helpful if you make friends with the locals so you can get to know their culture and custo better.


  • The language requirements

Language is the important aspect in our daily life as you have to communicate with people using languages, either spoken or written. English might be the largest spoken language in the world, but in some rural areas in Asian country, you might have to deal with villagers who cannot speak English. Therefore, teach yourself the native language before visiting the country is an important thing to do. You can learn few common words that people use frequently such as introducing yourself, asking direction and prices, bargaining, and other daily activities.


  • The background check

In line with the previous point, wherever you intend to work or travel, you should always do a background check. You can seek advice from the embassy or the company you are applying. You can also make use of technology by searching the background of the company on the internet or LinkedIn as well as getting in touch with someone reliable from the company.

The key is that you should be well-informed before getting on the plane. You should do lots of research regarding stuffs you should bring, or places you should not visit as there are some danger zones in each countries that will leave you nowhere but jail.


  • The working visa

Be it for work or travel, as a foreigner, you have to hold a visa before entering new country. However, there are some eligible passports that does not require travel and work visa. You can check here. You should do some research whether your passport requires you to have certain visa or not and how long you can stay in the country with the current visa you have.

Last but not least, you should also check your own eligibility whether you can work in the destination country or not. You can do this by searching through the internet or ask the embassy regarding the requirements to work in the country.

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