Top 5 Danger Jobs: Reasons You Actually Fall Sick Often

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If you’re working in one of these professions, then you are most likely to fall sick often. According to YouGov research, commissioned by Flora ProActiv reveals the top most 5 dangerous jobs, if you opt as a career choice can come at the price of your good health. This means you fall sick more often.

95% of the profession admits to at least one of the following: smoking during the working day, suffering from heart palpitations/a racing pulse, excessive eating/drinking or weight gain as a result of their job, not being active during the working day, working more than a 9 hours a day, or not finding time to see the doctor due to working hours.

The top 5 danger jobs that can make you apply for sick leaves often or deteriorate your health condition, are as below:

  1. Financial services (95%)
  2. Media, marketing, advertising, PR and sales (90%)
  3. It and telecoms (87%)
  4. Manufacturing (84%)
  5. Transportation and distribution (79%)
  6. Medical and healthcare (79%)

Workers from the financial services industry are in the riskiest of the professions in the country, with nearly half (48%) admitting to being overweight and 23% notching up between 9 and 10 hours at work every day. The study findings further reveal that some of them do not even get time to visit the doctor due to long hectic working hours, with 22% blaming this as the main reason.

This leaves them at risk of not monitoring any health conditions, among them is high cholesterol and blood pressure. When left unmonitored these conditions put sufferers at risk of strokes and heart attacks.

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Media, marketing, advertising, PR and sales comes in as the second most dangerous profession for heart health, as 90% of employees reveal they match at least one of the “danger” criteria listed above.

Official statistics from the British Heart Foundation show that coronary heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK, with someone struck by a heart attack every three minutes. Dr Rob Hicks, a practicing doctor who specialises in healthy living, comments: “Having regular medical checks is a vital part of staying healthy. High cholesterol is a key risk factor for heart disease and can contribute to heart disease by causing the build-up of fatty deposits in your arteries.

This can only be detected by a routine blood test. Other factors which contribute to heart disease include high blood pressure, diabetes, age, weight, family history and ethnicity, smoking, alcohol consumption and stress.

“Several actions can help reduce these risks, including an active lifestyle, a healthy diet and lowering your cholesterol by reducing fat consumption, and eating plenty fruit and vegetables. However, a large proportion of the nation is ignoring healthy lifestyle advice, not eating healthily and working long hours each day without taking steps to look after their health.”

So if you intend to join any of these above career choices or are already into one, it is time now to start allocating time to healthy life and living. Observe symptoms from your body and take necessary steps to avoid any serious conditions in future. The key to good life with longevity is to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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