Top 25 Millennial Favourite Employers in 2015

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Top 25 Millennial Favourite Employers in 2015
Top 25 Employers according to NSHSS Millennial Career Survey in 2015

If you belong to the millennial generation or are familiar with their aspirations, then most notably, this Gen Y is looking for multinational corporate and companies with market repute.

The one company that holds an enviable hot spot as the chosen employer in 2015 is Google. We herein present concise top 25 millennial favourite employers in 2015, according to a recent study by NSHSS.

The 2015 Annual Millennial Career Survey conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars highlighted preferences regards employment, career planning and education of millennial across United States and rest of the world.

Some of the key findings according to this survey are:

  • While Google tops the favourite list of being the most preferred employer of choice, Walt Disney Company, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Apple, and FBI join the league in order.
  • Hospitals and healthcare companies are most popular among respondents with eight from the 25 chosen. Also technology related companies are much in demand with Intel (scaling from rank 51 in 2014 to rank 24 in 2015) and Amazon (rank 22 in 2014 to rank 11 in 2015). They are slowly advancing their position to reach the number 1 to 10 spot.
  • Almost all respondents feel that email communication is the best medium to reach out to talented candidates notifying them about job opportunities. College graduates chose LinkedIn among social networks to connect for job opportunities with employers.
  • Also the millennial generation looks forward to advancing their careers with higher education beyond college such as attending medical schools or business school. They are also highly engaged in community activities dedicated towards helping out family, friends and neighbours or joining community organisations, participating in cultural activities or events etc.

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Findings from the report further state, Intel, Hershey’s, Blue Cross, Atlantic Health Service and Blue Shield are emerging companies making it to the top 25 list. Compared to previous years, all the technology companies in the top 25 list have either retained their previous position in the rankings or advanced higher in rankings.

Asian and Pacific Islander respondents most frequently selected companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft in comparison to other ethnic groups. White/Caucasian respondents showed the least interest in working for such multinational technology giants.

As regards to career opportunities in government agencies in United States, 47 percent of respondents showed little or no interest in serving for the government, while 32 percent would like to learn about workings at the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI.

14 percent are interested in the U.S. State Department, and 6 to 10 percent in various military branches. Respondents also mentioned NASA, the Central for Disease Control, the National Security Agency, and Environmental Protection Agency in the open-ended comments.

Regardless of the industry segment, government or private entity, the choice of a favourite employer is mostly dependent on many other factors, besides salary being a key determining factor to accept offers.

When it comes to choosing an employer, responses across various ethnic groups varied in nature, especially regards work culture, environment and careful life balance.

White/Caucasian respondents seemingly value fair treatment of employees and are less interested in international work experience, while Asia/Pacific islanders emphasise on the prestige of the employer they are working with. Black/African respondents follow suit in emphasising the brand image of their company.

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