Tech Tools for Your Human Resources Department

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Whether you have 20 or over 1,000 people in your workforce, there is no doubt that employees are your company’s most important asset. As the lifeblood of your company, loyal and motivated employees help your business succeed. That being said, it is a challenge leader to find the best method to manage them and ensure utmost productivity. HR professionals play key role in optimising employees’ potentials that will contribute for the company’s success and stability by making sure team morale stays high, employees happy at work, as well as fetching the brightest and the best talents to join the organisation.

Nowadays, technology is an essential tool to increase efficiency in running a business. New technology not only transforms the way people work, but also helps HR leaders save time and energy in building  conducive work environment, boosting employee engagement, as well as improving team development that will affect directly to the company’s development and business bottom line.

Here are some essential HR tools that will help make your organisation’s process of employee recruitment, onboarding new hires, and wellness program a whole lot easier:

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Recruitment tools

Along with the advancement of HR technology, the process of selecting and hiring the best candidates that suits your company’s needs and preference has never been easier. With sophisticated HR tools, recruitment process is becoming more effective, less costly, and less time-consuming. The tool helps HR practitioners do various tasks, from crafting the perfect job advertisement with precise description and cool design, reviewing and shortlisting incoming resumes to find candidates suitable for the role, to inviting potential candidates through automated emails. There are plenty of recruitment tools available that you can utilise such as Ideal, Textio, Bullhorn, and many more. By making use of those tech tools that facilitate recruitment process, it helps the company reduce the high cost of hiring new employees.

Onboarding tools

First day at work can be a scary and overwhelming experience for new hires, as they have to start a new role in a new place with a lot of people they have never met before. Typically having poor knowledge about colleagues, work environment, and company culture, new employees often find it difficult to have a smooth transition and adaptation. Fortunately, now there are some tools that can help HR professional deliver a comfortable first-day experience through onboarding process for new hires. For example, Talmundo is one of onboarding softwares that offers several cool features such as digitalising onboarding-related paperwork, as well as providing interactive and notifications to-do list that enables easy communication between new hires and their new team.

Wellness program tools

One of HR professional’s responsibilities is to make sure that their employees have an effective wellness program that will impact on employees’ health. There are some gadgets and softwares that can boost an effective wellness program. Among them is a tool called “Employee Wellness” developed by Oracles that lets HR department track their employees’ physical activities. With this feature, it will increase participation in wellness program and help HR department’s role in taking responsibility for ensuring employees’ well-being. This application can also collect health information from employee so the organisation could use it to organise effective wellness program activity for the workforce.

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