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Businesses often neglect EQ (Emotional Quotient) in their human resource training, as it seems intangible or irrelevant. Acuteen Academy exists to systematically improve corporate EQ for better communications, decision-making and productivity.

Acuteen Academy is bringing a new set of training that will advance one’s EQ – helps you leverage your awareness of emotions for effectiveness in the workplace. Also, Acuteen Academy uses empirical tools to measure the effectiveness of their methods.

“Low EQ negatively impact decision making and hence how effective individuals are on the job,” says Dr. Gan Bo, Founder and Trainer at Acuteen Academys. ” We offer a new paradigm – by investing in meeting employees’ core energy needs, organizations can fuel sustainable high performance”

Despite the advancement in technology and increase in availability of new productivity tools, employees are working longer hours, handling more conflicts and experiencing greater stress in the workplace than before. Stress also occurs at the higher echelons of organizations. Top business leaders face increasing challenges from emotional burnout.

Often neglected in the workplace, EQ is in fact extremely crucial. People with high EQ, have the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. Like any other skill in the business environment, EQ can be taught and trained.

To improve one’s EQ at work, Acuteen Academy provides emotion energy management workshops and consulting service. By improving one’s emotional well-being, it is possible to relieve stress, improve immune system level, and mental and physical health.

Acuteen Academy empowers individuals to understand their own emotions. This way they can avoid making high-risk decisions by understanding how their emotions are influencing their choices. With training, employees can make educated, sound decisions with their head, instead of just their heart.

Based on 20 years of scientific research, Acuteen Academy will teach the ways to improve emotional quotient. Using proprietary quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools, Acuteen Academys can define the problem, identify the solution and set benchmarks to determine EQ success.

A recent study conducted by McKinsey found that the average person spends only 5% of their working hours feeling and performing their best. Acuteen Academy’s aims to increased that to as much as 20%, which will double overall workplace productivity,” says Gan. “Our mission is to change how the world works.”

Acuteen Academy will be offering the following courses for EQ improvement:

– Organizational Consulting Process

Identify problem areas in the organization and cultivate a culture to prevent them


– Emotional Wellbeing for Leaders

Improve leaders’ emotional wellbeing to relieve stress so to improve and mental and physical health.


– Emotion Energy Management for Corporations & Government Agencies

Emotion energy management workshops for Professionals, Managers & Executives (PMEs).


Companies that are interested in improving employees’ EQ can visit or email for more details.


Additional Information:


Acuteen Academy is an one-stop training service provider and education center which has expertise in social emotional competence. SEC labTM is a laboratory registered under Acuteen Academy. The main purpose is to provide research and scientific work to develop course, techniques and content to energy management and emotion management.


drganDr Gan Bo is the Founder and Lead Trainer of Acuteen Academy, which focuses on holistic education and emotional energy management training. Dr. Gan specializes in mental and emotional wellness training based on the state-of-the-art emotional energy tools. Dr. Gan obtained his PhD from Nanyang Technological University and a MBA from The University of Adelaide, Australia.

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