Revealed, 8 Unique Characteristics of Gen-Z in Malaysia

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HR professionals in Malaysia, it is time to learn more about future talents. In fact, Generation Z is starting to enter the labour force for the first time. This is the right time to take a look at the next wave of digital natives headed for your organisation.

Likely, Gen-Z from one country to another has their own characteristics. A recent research by Epinion Global digs deeper for Malaysian Generation Z. With 325 people participated as the research’s respondents, we are able to learn about the peculiar generation who will take the world in the future.

Revealed, 8 Unique Characteristics of Gen-Z in MalaysiaIn fact, Generation Z rules Malaysia with 29.7% of population, even a higher amount than Gen X or Gen Y. The research found that there are 9.06 million of Gen-Z in Malaysia. Here are eight unique characteristics of them:

  1. They are digitally popular, but physically awkward

Malaysian Generation Z are most comfortable with people behind the screen. In fact, 65% of them choose chat apps or text over face-to-face contact. They also think that popularity on social media is essential for their life.

  1. Mobile phone is their lifeline

We will see more mobile distractions in the future, as Gen-Z in Malaysia loves searching informations, products, and brands on their gadgets.

  1. They are discerning online

Even though they receive plenty of information online, they are more skeptical than you think. Only 21% of them agree to the statement “I trust information friends share on social media”. Yes, they are quite careful not to fall for the bait.

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  1. They are digitally responsible

Malaysian Gen-Z thinks online privacy is a top concern. It is the social issue they concern the most from being active Internet users.

  1. They believe they will save the world

Turns out, online privacy is not the most important social issue for Malaysian Generation Z. They are also care about environment, freedom of speech, and robbery. Thus, they don’t expect you to see them as villains. Instead, 65% of them say they want to make a difference in the world. We should see them as the heroes, since they think it is good to stand for something.

Growing up in a time of awareness on social issues, Malaysian Gen Z has a strong desire to get involved. They are more likely to support businesses that serve a higher purpose.

  1. They suffer from perpetual child syndrome

Generally grew up in a healthy economy, 64% of them admit that they live better lives than their parents generation. However, the easy life increases Malaysian Gen-Z in stress and disappointment. Despite being closer to their parents, they are used to living an easier life. Thus, they find it more difficult than their preceding generations to handle stress and disappointments.

  1. They are confident and knowledgeable

Living in the era of fast-changing technology, they became creatures of confidence. 75% of them are confident with their decisions. Their roar is heard with higher influence on important decisions.

Also, with the information at their fingertips, they think that they are smart and always in the know. If they have a desire to learn and advance their education, it is likely that Gen-Z will be the most knowledgeable generation we have ever come across.

  1. They prey on content

Malaysian Generation Z is thirsty with online contents, especially video contents. We can consider that Gen-Z is content-follower.

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