6 Reasons to Take Public Transport When Going to Work

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A study by National Express Transit revealed rapid innovations in car and motorcycle development has been successfully stealing our attention that we are encouraged to own one of these vehicles. However, innovation might not be a good sustainable solution. Public transit still and will continue to play an important role in our society and the environment at large. Therefore, the study emphasised that allowing public transportation on its decline will bring about negative consequences in the long run. One of climate change causes, for example, is highly produced by car pollution. Burning fossil fuels in car releases carbon dioxide which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

So, have a thought to change your commute transportation? If yes, these are significant benefits of taking public transport to the workplace for our environment, local economy, and community. Public transport:

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makes you happier;

Do you want to be happier? Take public transport instead of driving to work.

A study by Academics from the University of East Anglia reported that commuters who are taking public transport said they feel much better compared to when they go by a self-driving car. 13 percent of car commuters are reported to feel more under constant strain or unable to concentrate. Adam Martin, the lead researcher, cited that buses and trains give time to relax, read, socialise, and there is usually an associated walk to the bus stop or railway station. And these activities appear to cheer people up.

frees up your time;

Taking public transportation will free your significant amount of time and attention. You can make use of your valuable time to read, work, study, or socialise, instead of focusing on the road all the time to work.

Intelligent people know how to make use of their time best.

makes you healthier;

The benefits of exercising, walking, and any other physical health is undoubtedly beneficial for us. Alan Davies in his survey found that taking public transport will make you move more. As a result, the time you walk or cycle to stops will increase your healthy immune, reducing your chance of suffering from obesity, and many other health benefits.

“(The) effect of transit mode share and accessibility by transit on general health, body mass index, and height are investigated…(We) found that the transit mode share and accessibility by transit are not practically significant, and the power of large-sample misrepresents the effect of transit on public health.” – Alan Davies  

is safer;

Victoria Transport Policy Institute found that public transport is overall relatively safe (low crash risk) and secure (low crime risk) mode of transport. Statistically, bus and train-related accidents happen at a lesser rate. There is also much lower passenger fatality rates than car travel does. Not only that, most public transports have higher levels of security monitoring which can reduce crime rates. 

The more tired you are, the safer you are when taking public transport for a commute.

saves more money;

Public transport means you can cut a significant amount of money. You don’t need to pay for taxes, monthly or daily gases, maintenance, parking, and other expenses. In a survey on consumers’ expenditures, taking public transport can save more than $9,800 a year.

Another way of your money saving strategies, isn’t it?

reduces air pollution.

Taking public transport throughout the year clearly makes a big difference in our air quality and use of natural resources. DART First State counted that a bus emits 20 percent as much carbon monoxide per passenger mile. It also emits 10 percent as many hydrocarbons per passenger mile as well as 75 percent as many nitrogen oxides per passenger mile. While trains emit 25 percent as many nitrogen oxides per passenger mile and are nearly 100 percent fewer hydrocarbons and carbon monoxides. All of this is less than single-occupant auto which means public transports use approximately 10.5 percent less energy per passenger mile than a typical automobile.

The more you take public transport, the greener, the healthier, the safer, and the happier you are. So, let’s give it a try…

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