On the Verge of Burnout? Handle Your Stress the Right Way

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Do you find yourself lack of sleep because of work-related burdens? Have you ever felt dizzy or very weak while working in the office? If you experience similar symptoms, you might have suffered from stress.

Owing to the nature of work, employee could be easily attacked by stress. The stress is commonly caused by the pressure of job itself, such as stacking tasks, tight deadline, office issues, and many others. Not to mention, stress and anxiety can be worse when an employee has to deal with unpleasant working environment. Moreover, inability to separate office and home problem could affect the employee’s mental health.

Stress could be a serious problem for your career, team, and more importantly to your own health. Even smallest stress should be treated as soon as possible. However, it should be noted that different types of stress should get different treatment. To handle the stress, you should know your stress level so you know the next step that you have to take. Level of stress can be identified by seeing the symptoms. Here are levels of stress based on its symptom and the ways to handle it:

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Light stress

This level of stress can be classified as insignificant stress. It often happens just in minutes, such as getting shocked or nervous caused by a very sudden problem. Heart beating fast, hand shaking, or even light heartburn often become most common symptoms of this search that happen when an employee got called by his manager, the computer suddenly got into trouble, and other similar cases.

While It is not a dangerous stress, light stress can ruin your focus when it is not addressed immediately. It is not really hard to overcome the light stress. All you have to do is to take a deep breath once or twice. Drinking water can also be good way to get away from this stress. Additionally, you can do light exercises at the workplace, such as moving your body from standing to sitting or from sitting to walking around in a minute. When experiencing this stress, you do not have to tell your colleagues nor your manager about your problem, as you still can handle it by yourself.

Medium stress

This second level of stress is a bit serious as it will affect an employee’s daily life. Physically, medium stress can be indicated when you find it hard to sleep at night and you catch mild sickness such as neck and shoulder tension, stiff body, and dizziness. These symptoms will appear when an employee thinks too much about his work.

In this level, you should spare your time for two up to five hours outside the working hour to divert your concern and refresh your mind. This free time can be used by doing fun activities such as playing game, watching movie, hanging out with friends, and others. You can also consult this matter with a friend or a colleague to talk about the problem.

Heavy stress

This stress level is quite fatal as it will affect a lot towards someone’s psychological and behavioural state. As employees have to face various problems at the office, this often makes them employee having much muses that lead to strange behaviour and bad temper.

At this point, you might not be able to heal the stress by yourself. You will need expert such as psychologist to talk about the problem and ask the solutions.

Acute stress

When an employee bears too much burden, there will be a point where he makes himself in the peak of stress. Women, rather than men, often suffer from the case of acute stress. In this level, employee has no idea about what actually happens to her and doesn’t know what to do.

Stress explosion can make the employee unconsciously hysterically crying, fainted, and catching serious illness such as typhus, fever, and many more. In this case, taking bed-rest will be the only way to cure the sickness. Considering the consequences of this acute stress, you should never ignore your stress until it comes to this level, or else it will ruin both your body and career.

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