NVPC’s Company of Good Programme Sees More Than 700 Participants Supporting Culture of Corporate Giving

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Increasingly, companies are seeing themselves as a positive force for social good. Since the launch of NVPC’s Company of Good programme in June last year, we have garnered strong participation with more than 700 companies in this network to build a community of corporate givers in Singapore.

Groom Leaders of Today for Better Impact

Launching Company of Good Fellowship programme to develop a community of corporate leaders who will strengthen the eco-system of giving in Singapore. The impetus to launching Company of Good Fellowship is that businesses need to be empowered with opportunities that deepen their knowledge and capabilities in corporate giving. Company of Good Fellowship will be the bedrock to groom future leaders who are capable of strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate giving. Collectively, this initiative hopes to build a caring and resilient society in Singapore.

Melissa Kwee, Chief Executive Officer of NVPC says, “We welcome a new generation of social intrapreneurs as our inaugural Fellows cohort which consists of a strong pool of passionate candidates from across the business spectrum of sectors and sizes. Doing good is a “triple-edged sword” – companies can sharpen their skills, serve community needs and meet bottom lines. Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals. Rather, they are both essential ingredients for long-term success. To be a game changer, businesses need to have a social purpose, constantly innovate and develop business differentiators as their competitive advantages.”

The Company of Good Fellowship embarks on this journey with luminary leaders, passionate mentors from retail, hospitality, technology, banking and finance sectors, as well as, with knowledge partner, NUS Business School that will host fellowship learning modules and guest lectures in related topics.

Experts in corporate community investment and corporate giving will also conduct workshops on strategizing and planning corporate giving programmes. With these enriching resources, I am confident that fellows will be mentored throughout their fellowship journey by experienced leaders and practitioners in the corporate giving field.

At our inaugural run, 39 fellows have been selected for the programme to go through: (i) Learning Sessions & Action-Projects: Participate in a series of seminars, workshops, study visits, dialogue sessions, to develop and implement an action-project that are relevant to their companies; (ii) Networking Opportunities: Gain access to a community of like-minded professionals and subject-matter experts on leadership, business and corporate giving; and (iii) Mentorship: Receive guidance and support from experienced mentors who will guide fellows through their learning journey.

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Deepen capability for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A participating fellow, Sharon Eng, Assistant Vice President, CSR, Maybank Singapore opines, “Company of Good has helped to provide an easy way for companies to either get started, or learn to give better. This will help companies to build their internal Corporate Social Responsibility capabilities.”

“Ultimately, this will result in more impactful and meaningful giving, both for the companies and the community-at-large. I am looking forward to joining this Fellowship Programme, to contribute towards building a strong network of CSR professionals, share our insights and experiences and help grow corporate giving in Singapore.”

Build better practices and collaborations with greater opportunities for dialogue

Sharing her motivations on joining Company of Good Fellowship, Selena Chong, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Singapore Post Ltd remarks, “By tapping on Company of Good’s resources and networking, we get better and more effective at what we are doing. What motivates me to join this inaugural Fellowship programme is the networking and the opportunity for dialogue, and learning with mentors and members of the Fellowship. This could lead to an overall leveling up towards better practices and collaborations, whether one-off or on a long term basis.”

Collaborate across different organisation for bigger impact social projects

Echoing this view, Khor Hwai Lin, Senior Strategy Manager, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd affirms that, “Company of Good framework guided us in the set-up of our corporate giving program that balances business objectives, employees’ interests and positive impact to the beneficiaries. I hope to learn the best practices in corporate giving from field experts and to network with like-minded individuals for exchange of ideas. This may lead to collaborations across different organizations for bigger impact social projects.”

Corporate Giving improves bottom line while meeting community needs

One of the participating mentors, Ang Kian Peng, Director, Samsui Supplies & Services has been tireless in going beyond the call of duty to integrate Corporate Giving into the very fabric of their business. He says, “Do what you believe in and do it with a heart. Corporate Giving can improve your bottom line. We managed to sustain our projects by focusing on our core competencies in the food and beverage sector and engaging the community to participate as well.”

Companies or applicants who are interested to apply for the second intake of Fellowship programme can visit here. Registration starts on 3 July 2017.

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