Moving Up the Ladder: 5 Signs You Deserve a Promotion

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Who doesn’t want to get a raise and job promotion? At some point of their career, most employees would want to achieve higher from their current position. Fatter paycheck, better benefits, bigger power or control, as well as earning prestige are among the many factors that motivate the workforce to compete in getting a promotion. However, before enjoying all these privileges, you have to show your manager that you really deserve it. That being said, you must work hard to improve your skill, fix your attitude, and change your mindset to gain the promotion.

However, despite the fact that you have given your best performance and successfully handled important projects, sometimes the boss seems to be oblivious to your achievements. If this happens, you should not just wait your boss to take notice and offer you a promotion. Instead, you should go and ask for it yourself with confidence. Then the question remains, how do you know that you are ready for a promotion? Check the following points to gauge your own quality before asking for a promotion:

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You do your job really well

When you have been working for the company long enough, there will be time when your daily tasks seem to be such a piece of cake that you can do it right within short time. When you feel that your routine no longer challenges you like before, you know it might be the right time to move up and take a bigger responsibility.

You are seen as good role model

Your coworkers always come to you to consult or simply ask your opinion when they face some issues in their tasks. People tend to look up to someone better than them, so if your colleagues treat you like a role model, you might deserve a better position. Your chance of getting promoted is even bigger when your coworkers not only come to discuss about work-related tasks, but also non work-related and personal stuffs.

You want to take charge of something

A leader must not only think about himself, as the team should be the top priority. Regular employee typically only cares about how to handle and complete certain individual tasks. However, a leader-potential staff always genuinely cares about the team’s development. If you are the one who cares about your coworkers’ task and willing to lend a helping hand although it is not your responsibility, then you have a quality of becoming a leader.

Your contribution brings betterment

When observing the way your manager works, you might find that there are some ineffective things that need to be fixed. When you are asked to you present your idea during the meeting and your suggestion works well, it means that you have contributed to the company’s betterment. If this happens a lot, get yourself ready to be promoted.

Your boss or superior trust you

Promotion needs a trustworthy candidate. If you are the one, this sign can be identified when your boss or manager often comes to you to discuss crucial matters related to the projects or managerial issues within the team. They will ask for your opinion and take your voice into account when it comes to office matters. Additionally, you know that your boss fancy you when they tend to ask for your help to manage the team, to handle particular tasks, or to lead the team in an important project.

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