Leadership Coaching: How to Turn Employee Zeros into Employee Superheroes?

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Your employees need their own leadership coaches to help transform them into the superheroes they were destined to be. By providing leadership coaching, transformed employees will have the tools they need to not only succeed in their role, but also fight off their arch nemesis: disengagement and apathy, which affects nearly 67% of employees.

Disengagement has been plaguing the workforce for years, showing little improvement in recent times. When your employees are not motivated by their work and feel stuck, they may become mindless clock punchers and start to look for work elsewhere. What’s worse, your company may be stuck with a high turnover rate.

How leadership coaches can empower employees with the tools they need to set personal and professional goals, develop new skills, and achieve a better work-life balance, all through individualized career development strategies.

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MyWorkNinja, a business and life coach service, created this Infographic about how leadership coaches attribute to successful and engaged employees. Here are some highlights:

  • 67% of American employees say they feel disengaged at work.
  • 70% of people who send weekly updates to friends and write down their goals achieve success. Leadership is the hardest skill to find in employees.
  • 41% of job seekers want more work-life balance.
  • 57% of employees say they prefer corrective feedback, and 72% said their performance would improve if managers provided corrective feedback.
  • 94% millennials think and believe their mentor’s advice is good. While 91% say their mentor shows a good level of interest in their development.


How can Leadership Coaches Turn Zeroes into Superheroes at Work?

Here are some ways how leadership coaching can help turn employee zeroes into superheroes at work:

  • Set Goals: Super heroes should be able to strategise on how to take on their arch nemesis – disengagement and apathy. Coaches should help employees stay on track and find direction by holding them accountable. Super heroes should possess sound decision-making skills and be able to make decisions in a flash. 43.1% companies have formal goal setting and tracking programs.
  • Build Skills: Leadership coaches are the perfect training partner for those superheroes who want to develop strength, willpower and other crucial powers required to save the workplace from disengagement. On an average, one in 3 skills required in a job posting are “baseline skills” – soft skills. Writing, communication and organizational skills are the most desirable baseline skills tough to find in a candidate. Having better posture at work, contributes to maintaining self-esteem and positive attitude.
  • Attain Work-Life Balance: Superheroes should learn how to find comfort in their Clark Kent mode. A good coach helps superhero employees live a balanced life between the cape and the glasses. 41% jobseekers seek more work-life balance, while 28% employees ranked maintaining good health to include physical, mental and social well-being as the crucial factor driving happiness.
  • Provide Direction: It’s easy to lose direction; hence coaches are required to ground employees when they fly too high. 57% employees say they prefer corrective feedback, and 72% employees said their performance would improve if managers provided corrective feedback.

While turning employee zeroes into super heroes at work, can seem bit of a tedious exercise – the efforts invested by the company are rewarded in terms of increased productivity, higher performance efficiency and better employee engagement.


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