6 New Jobs That Will Exist Through 2030

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6 New Jobs That Will Exist Through 2030
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The world of work has been seeing a tremendous change due to lockdown, with nearly all businesses allowing employees to do full time WFH (work from home) or partial WFH even after the countries are reopening. This kind of work management can work well when businesses can function over the internet lines and manage employee’s motivation and productivity while working from home. 

The new shift has not only affected businesses in terms of workplace management – but it is also one in which new careers and jobs are emerging. Ben Pring, IT futurist and confounder of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, tracked trends across technology, business and society that there will be a lot of job opportunities, especially if you are a tech-centric person. 

Here are some potential jobs that might exist through 2030, according to Pring. 

1- Work-From-Home coordinator 

During a lockdown, millions of people had to quickly learn how to set up their home office, manage schedules, and interact with their children while working. These challenges could be overcome easier with a guide or assistant, therefore, Pring predicts that there might be a huge explosion in this role. Working from home is expected to stay in the future and WFH coordinator would be in charge to support a company’s collaborative culture and morale, while also helping employees maintain their productivity. 

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2- Virtual sound mixer 

Social distancing has brought many theatres and stadiums to postpone or cancel their events. When colosseum reopens, doctors warned that fans might not be able to attend stadiums until 2021, meaning when a baseball player hits a homerun or soccer team makes their first goal, none will be able to witness it. But thanks to a virtual sound mixer, we can say goodbye to the nightmare. Stadiums might be empty but players can still feel the atmosphere of a regular match as producers add sounds that were sophisticated and relevant to what was happening. 

3- Voice UX designer 

As people want to touch fewer items around their house and in public, they will be turning more and more to voice-activated gadgets. This demand will require playwrights, creative writers and journalists who can script human-like conversations to fill the voice-activated gadgets. Alexa cannot be Alexa if there is no input from these people.  

4- Uni-for-life coordinator  

This job does not really exist yet, and it depends on a major shift in college education. Pring pointed out that the traditional education model where students only study for a particular field might soon end, due to the rapid change of technology and the high costs of higher ed. Thus, instead of going to university for a single concentrated period, individuals might go through alternate periods of learning and working after graduating from high schools. This might be a completely new job that would help reconceptualise higher education to align it with change and volatility, added Pring.  

5- Subscription management specialist

The idea comes from people who would use to look at their subscriptions and see where they could cut their expenses as many people have reevaluated their budgets and tightened their belts during the last few months. As subscription management specialist, you will be in charge of helping these individuals, simplifying their subscription process and facilitating a relationship between brand and customers. The skills needed for this job would align with those of social media managers, business analysts, or product managers. 

6- Wellness consultant 

With the public’s greater focus on health and expectation that pandemic will keep occurring, there is a growing need for people who can turn making the world a cleaner place into an actual career. Wellness consultant has been around for a while and this would be its newest iteration. The job responsibilities of a wellness consultant would be to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more livable place. 

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