Indian Start-Ups are betting big on Innovative HR Policies

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Indian Start-Ups are leaving no stone unturned to get everything right for their business. Be it hiring decisions, to incorporating technologies or reforming HR policies for employee engagement and retaining talent. Engaging employees across all levels is important for maintaining firm’s success.  To keep up with the increasing demands of the millennial workforce, start-ups are gearing up to offer better workplace environment and benefits to retain top talent.

For instance Droom, an online marketplace for automobiles has come up with innovative HR policies to allow employees to choose their own working hours and even change job roles. Backend staffers on duty like delivery boys and warehouse employees are offered accommodation facilities as well.

InMobi launched a bridge assessment programme last year, wherein employees were given the option to pick up new skills within the company by experimenting with functions on a project basis. At the end of the project, their performance was rated and when a suitable position opens up in future, these performers are given first preference before hiring candidates externally.

Another Indian start-up Big Basket offers its employees an insight session every alternate Friday – with in-house people and external expert on topics that are relevant to business. The company also offers housing facilities to backend staffers such as delivery boys and warehouse personnel by tying up with agencies. These agencies help in sourcing candidates for the vacant positions and leasing long-term contracts with landlords. Also staffers are provided commuting facilities to work and back home.

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“We want a reflection of India in our company and we place a lot of emphasis on gender and geographical diversity,” said Sandeep Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Droom to Economic Times. “The company has several people from far flung states like North East India and 30%-35% of its employees are female.”

Many start-ups are looking to attract more women on board and hence are setting up policy framework around maternity and sexual harassment at workplaces to protect women. Also flexi timings and work from home options are provided to new mothers.

InMobi plans to set up a day care facility at the premises of its tech park, and will offer Rs. 1 lakh coverage per annum for children of employees (both male and female) who use the centre. Some HR policies that will never go wrong for almost all start-ups are:

  • Allow for flexible work timings for employees to reach and leave office, but do ensure that deadlines are met and staffers are productive during the working hours. Do try to bring in home advantage such as evening snacks, and refreshments at work to allow room for relaxation outside work.
  • Allow for non-filtered internet usage, wherein employees do not feel caught in a vacuum. While exercising controls is important, it is also necessary to give employees some leeway and respect their personal space. Allowing employees to access social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reditt, Pinterest and LinkedIn during office hours can be monitored to ensure it does not affect work.
  • Encourage gaming sessions after lunch breaks to relax the mind and body. This is required for employees to start up once again at optimum levels. There are many open source games available that encourage team building efforts and any formal ice can be broken during the process of employee engagement.
  • Fridays or Saturdays should be chosen alternatively as days for innovative discussion, team lunches wherein employees invest time on issues that impact their day-to-day workings in the company. Also organise for regular team trips or short getaways for employees to unwind, connect and come back on job with rejuvenated spirits.

A collaborative and friendly workplace culture goes a long way in establishing and achieving business objectives. HR managers and CEOs should make every effort to become an active team player and lead by example.

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