Indian Government Links Central Recruitment Agencies with IISPRA for Greater Transparency

August 3, 20168:33 am1993 views

The Indian Government has decided to link the central recruitment agencies such as the UPSC with the Integrated Information System for Public Recruitment Agencies (IISPRA).

This will serve as a window for displaying details of recruitment examinations along with marks and ranking. The results will be available online.

The Ministry of Personnel has said the National Informatics Centre (NIC) would be responsible for development of the website called Integrated Information System for Public Recruitment Agencies.

According to a notification by the NIC, the website will have links to various recruitment agencies, and each agency will be developing its own web page.

The authenticity of the data displayed by recruiting agency will be the responsibility of the concerned agency. If any other private/public agency undertakes recruitment based on the data/ information so disclosed, the DoPT/concerned Ministry/ Department or the recruiting agency will not be responsible for any legal matter emanating out of such process.

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The Government has approved the proposal of NITI Aayog for making available publically scores and ranking of candidates in recruitment examinations through portal for increasing access of the unemployed to job opportunities.

NITI Aayog is the nodal organisation for pursuing with the Ministries and organisations. The responsibility given to DoPT is to work out the modalities for disclosure of the information as well as development of a portal for uploading the information.

As approved by the Government, the candidates will have the option to opt out of the disclosure scheme. The option of opting out will have to be taken at the time of filing up the application.

This indicates that the actual implementation can be done only on those examinations for which the application forms will be invited in future.

Through this move the government aims to bring about transparency in the recruitment process by making scores and rankings of candidates applying for recruitment exams made publicly available on the portal.

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