How to Appeal to Professionals’ Career Aspirations

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There is a question that HR professionals often ask: what balance in between graduates and experienced hires should I have in the coming year?

According to Universum’s recent release, experienced hires have a lot of advantages over new graduates entering the field. Experienced professionals know the field they are in, and have a sense of what is reasonable to accomplish in a given time period and its specific conditions. Such experience in your workers allows you to plan better and be more productive, which is why it is absolutely vital that your staffing strategy focuses on recruiting and retaining experienced hires.

What Happens When You Can’t Retain and Recruit Experienced Talent

An inability to either hire or retain experienced employees makes you lose productivity and money. Every inexperienced hire requires training, and their first few projects will not be as efficient as an experienced worker’s because they will need time to learn the new processes. Losing experienced talent is worse. If your experienced employees leave for another job with a competitor, not only do you incur the costs of hiring and training a new employee, but your competition gets stronger. Either way, you are losing money.

How to Reach Experienced Professionals

The first step in recruiting experienced professionals is reaching them. Universum’s report on how to reach experienced hires suggests that the best channel are through digital platforms. Universum found that the top seven methods of contacting experienced recruits. The most popular method for recruits to learn about you is your website, while other methods include:

  • Social media
  • Job boards
  • Career guidance websites
  • Employer advertisements in social media
  • Employer advertisements on news/business-related websites
  • Career and job related apps

So your immediate focus in developing your recruiting experience should be developing your online presence with a consistent message that appeals to experienced hires.

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Attract and Retain Experienced Professionals Through Their Aspirations

The key ingredient to reaching and retaining experienced hires it to appeal to what they want out of their jobs. This does not just mean providing a higher salary and better benefits. You need to provide the elements of work that are less tangible but help employees feel fulfilled. In Universum’s career aspirations report, the top three things that all employees want are:

  • Professional Training and Development
  • A creative and dynamic work environment
  • Leaders who will support my development

As you can see, if you can position your company as a place where employees can explore their professional options while developing their own talents and skills. If you can show that your business is the best place to do those things, you will attract the best experienced professionals and keep the ones you have.

If you need help to develop your business’s HR branding or in acquiring experienced professionals, contact Universum. An experienced HR service company, they can help you with any of your branding needs.

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