Harvard Business School Announces Senior Executive Leadership Program in India

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Harvard Business School (HBS) has announced the launch of a new leadership development program, The Senior Executive Leadership Program-India (SELPI). The program, taught over a series of four modules from July 2016 to June 2017, will be hosted at the Harvard Business School Campus in Boston, as well as the Harvard Business School classroom at the Taj Land’s End in Mumbai.

Between modules, participants will engage in off-campus interactive sessions using the HBX Live virtual classroom. The entire program will be taught by full-time Harvard Business School faculty based in Boston.

Executives participating in SELPI will receive Harvard Business School alumni status upon completion of the program, gaining exclusive access to a vast global alumni network and an array of resources that facilitate lifelong learning, growth, and success.

Over the past two decades, India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. To seize growth opportunities in this promising market, companies need executives who are confident decision makers, skilled strategists, global thinkers, and effective change agents.

SELPI is an intensive leadership development program designed to accelerate the development of these qualities and aid experienced senior executives in their transition into regional and global leaders.

“One of the key aspects of the new program is its unique modular structure, which allows executives to be fully immersed in learning environments that may be entirely new and challenging to them, but without having to stay away from their busy careers for an extended period of time,” said Professor Das Narayandas, Senior Associate Dean and Chair of Executive Education and Harvard Business Publishing.

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“This opportunity to step away from day-to-day business demands and meaningfully reflect on personal strengths, as well as areas for growth, is one of the core values of SELPI. The program then challenges them to apply and assess learned strategies within their companies between modules.”

Over the program’s four modules, the SELPI curriculum will promote peer-to-peer collaboration through case study discussions, guest speakers and skill-building exercises that emphasize holistic leadership development and action-oriented strategies.

A key element of the curriculum includes individual strategy projects, which are designed to be applied and tested in real-world contexts between class modules.

SELPI is intended for executives who are emerging as senior leaders in their industries. Specifically, the program is designed for those who will be tasked with and aspire to leading their companies and playing a key role in driving growth in India’s businesses, both regionally and globally.

“The business environment in India offers a myriad of opportunities for research and development. For more than a decade, the faculty at Harvard Business School has formed close partnerships within India’s business community to address pressing challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities,” said Professor Krishna G. Palepu, Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration and faculty chair of SELPI.

“SELPI is a natural progression of these close partnerships, and we’re looking forward to sharing the insights we gained from these partnerships with executives who represent the next generation of business leadership and who will effect change in India and around the world.”

The program will incorporate proven insights from Harvard Business School’s Comprehensive Leadership Programs (CLPs), the school’s flagship portfolio of extended leadership development programs designed to provide a truly transformational experience for senior executives and entrepreneurs.

It will combine this global content with a new, India-focused curriculum developed specifically for SELPI based on the intellectual capital developed by HBS faculty working in India over the last decade.

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